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Rishab Shetty to make a film for Geetha Arts? At least that's what Allu Aravind says!

Rishab Shetty, Sapthami Gowda, and Allu Aravind recently got together for the Kantara Telugu success meet 

Rishab Shetty to make a film for Geetha Arts? At least that's what Allu Aravind says!
Team Kantara (Telugu) at the success meet
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 06.44 PM, Oct 19, 2022


Allu Aravind is over the moon at the moment and the reason, no prizes for guessing, is Kantara. Aside from the excellent commercial exploits, it is apparent that the veteran producer and distributor is mighty pleased with the fact that he is associated with a film of Kantara’s repute as it continues to set the cash registers ringing. At the recently-held success meet in Hyderabad, Allu Aravind was joined by the man of the moment himself, Rishab Shetty, and Sapthami Gowda where they spoke about how the film, despite being a dubbed release, resonated with everyone.

“What Kantara has gone on to prove is that language will never be a barrier to the audience. People have connected to the emotions and the ethos of the film. And he (Rishab Shetty) has pulled those emotions out of his own soil and region - unlike how other films are inspired by Hollywood, European, or Korean films, this film is born from within, from what he has seen growing up,” said Allu Aravind at the success meet.

He would also refer to Rishab Shetty’s performance in the film, stating that it is redundant to praise him anymore because everyone’s aware of it, and then laud composer Ajaneesh B. Loknath for his work on the film. “I heard sounds and voices from the film that I had never heard before,” he would say about the film’s soundscape and enunciate his admiration for the film. And to top things off, Allu Aravind would reveal that he has, indeed, asked Rishab Shetty to make a film for Geetha Arts and that he has agreed to do so!

“When my friend Bunny Vasu (also a production partner in GA 2 Pictures) came running to tell me about Kantara, I wasn’t so sure as to why he was excited. But when I watched the film later, I understood the emotions behind it and soon decided to distribute the film in Telugu. We rarely distribute dubbed films but this one felt like an opportunity to present Rishab Shetty’s performance to the audience - and to add spice to this, I have asked Rishab to make a film for Geetha Arts and he has agreed!” said Allu Aravind.