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Shark Tank India: Lessons to learn from shark Namita Thapar

Thapar, who is the executive director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals has invested in more than 20 startups.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 12.45 PM, Apr 26, 2022

Shark Tank India: Lessons to learn from shark Namita Thapar

Through Shark Tank India, viewers were able to take away some valuable business lessons, imparted by some of the most seasoned businesspersons in the country. Even the contestants who walked away from the show without a deal did not go empty-handed as the sharks provided them with some important advice, which sometimes took the form of criticism as well.

One among the seasoned sharks was Emcure Pharmaceuticals’ executive director, Namita Thapar. Thapar, who appeared on 32 episodes of the show, was definitely one of the most memorable sharks in the tank. The businesswoman was never afraid to go for the things she wanted and at the same time, never hesitated to take a step back when she felt it right. Here are a few lessons for everyone, whether aspiring to be an entrepreneur or not, to learn from Thapar’s stint on the show.

1.Learn to admit when you lack the expertise

“Yeh meri expertise nahi hain, I am out”. This is perhaps one of the most popular phrases associated with the businesswoman during her appearance on the show. On more than one occasion, Thapar refused to go in on a deal because she felt she lacked expertise in a particular range of business. With her words, she proved that no matter how big a name you are in your field, there might always be some areas you’re just not an expert in, and that's okay. There is no shame in admitting that and there's always the opportunity to get better at it.

2.Grab what you want, even if it means going back

Even though Thapar invested in almost 25 startups on the show, she revealed that there were a few that slipped away from her. She had said that she had ‘regretted’ not investing in some startups on the show, such as TagZ Foods and Pandurang Taware’s startup in farming. Well, the businesswoman proved that regrets can always be rectified, as she went back to invest in the two companies after she could not get a deal with them on the show.

3. Find the potential in things, even when others cannot

Thapar’s “Yeh kachra nahi hain it has a lot of potential” dialogue was yet another line that provided meme makers with a goldmine of material to weave funny jokes around. But the line does hold true as an important lesson in business, and in life as well. Like the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, Thapar’s phrase also teaches us that there can be a host of things that have potential in them even though most people might be blind to the same.

4. And lastly, never forget to have fun

Despite some fierce and heated moments on the show, Thapar always made sure to find fun in things whenever possible. Her “Yahi toh maza hai'' line reminds viewers to do the same. Business may be tough and things may not always go your way but it does not mean we can’t find the lighter side to it whenever we can.

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