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This year on Gudi Padwa, I pledge to…, promises Vrushali Chavan

Vrushali Chavan is an actress-cum-choreographer-cum-model. If at all there was a crown for ‘Jill of all trades’, this lady would have fit it to a ‘t’

This year on Gudi Padwa, I pledge to…, promises Vrushali Chavan
Pic Courtesy: Official Instagram Account of Vrushali Chavan
  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 05.26 PM, Mar 22, 2023

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The auspicious festival of ‘Gudi Padwa’ marks the Hindu New Year
We celebrate Gudi Padwa every year. It has got lot of importance because, its marks the Hindu new year. And Gudi is the sign of victory. Gudi is called the ‘Vijay Pathaaka’. This day signifies the sign of victory. So, it’s a very auspicious day. Even in the ‘ved puraanas, it’s been said that, Lord Rama came back from the vanvaasa on the day of Gudi Padwa. So, that’s yet another reason to celebrate Gudi Padwa.

Even the 'prasad' that we eat on Gudi Padwa day consists of got neem leaves, ‘gul’ and likes
There’s lots of significance about this day. The ‘Gudi’ also signifies victory… in all the areas of life. Even the Prasad that we eat also has got neem leaves, ‘gul’ and likes. They have a cooling effect on your system. It’s been said that it’s the start of ‘ushma’. So, even as per the Ayurveda, it cools your system and keeps you healthy and keeps you away from all sorts of diseases that might just get caused because of heat. The whole festivity, overall, is so wonderful. What I love about the Hindu culture is that, everything is sort of encompassed in the name of religion, but, it has very little to do with religion. It has majorly got to do with how a human being can live his life to the optimum. Besides bringing joy and victory, this festival of Gudi Padwa also beings lots of health benefits in the form of ‘prasad’. 

Growing up amidst the traditions…
Growing up as a child, it has always been very exciting it’s like a craft project of which you are a part. It’s like getting the lakdi (wooden stick), cleaning it, holding the thread for your father and helping him basically erect the whole ‘Gudi’. While Aai (mother) would be ‘in charge’ of making the food and delicacies, Baba (father) would be ‘in charge’ of getting the entire ‘Gudi’ in place, including the ‘right’ direction! It has always been a happy, happy vibe at home since start. Of late, I have started making the rangoli, as I specialize in making the rangoli. It’s super exciting! 

Food during ‘Gudi Padwa’ is definitely yummy and awesome
Besides the regular traditional food; it is always the ‘puri’ and ‘shrikand’ which form the highlight of the day of Gudi Padwa.

Of course… I love getting into a sari!
By all means, I will be getting into a sari. No better than day than this day. I will be all clad in my Maharashtrian attire to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

This day marks the beginning of many auspicious starts
Because this day is extremely auspicious, many people tend to host their meetings on this day. Anything that they want to start, they tend to venture on this day, including wedding dates and engagement dates!

This year on Gudi Padwa, I pledge to…
Because, it’s a start of the New year for me, I am making a pledge with myself that, this New Year, I am only and only going to do things which are aligned with my higher self, my deepest passion and with what my heart and soul resonates with and I shall not deflect on this path because, me staying in my truth is going to be the biggest benefit for me and everyone else.

My wish for Gudi Padwa this year will be …
I wish my grandma the best of health and for her to be pain free and live like a butterfly. She remains fit and happy and healthy. She has given us so much joy and happiness. She is a warm hug on the hard day. I wish only the best in the world for her.

And as for my future projects, after having a blast choreographing the likes of Salman Khan (in 'Dabangg 2' and other films), Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Amruta Khanvilkar and many others, you can now look forward seeing me in front of the camera more often than before!