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WHAT! Ayan Mukerji moves out of Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions with ‘Brahmastra’ franchise? Says reports

This is something that no one saw coming, if at all this news is true

WHAT! Ayan Mukerji moves out of Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions with ‘Brahmastra’ franchise? Says reports
Karan Johar and Ayan Mukherji

Last Updated: 11.13 PM, Apr 11, 2023


Even though the first part ofBrahmastra' had its share of hiccups initially, but when the film was released, it only brought good news to everyone associated with the film. Speaking of good news, just a few days ago, the young director of ‘Brahmastra’ Ayan Mukerji had taken to social media to announce the timeline of ‘Brahmastra 2’ and ‘Brahmastra 3’. He had written a long post on social media which stated, “Ayan Mukerji took to social media and posted, “The Time has come - for some updates on the Brahmastra Trilogy, the Astraverse, and my Life! After absorbing all the love and the feedback on Part One... I have been focused on creating the Vision for Part Two and Part Three - which I now know will be bigger and more ambitious than Part One! I have learnt that we need a little more time to perfect the script of Brahmastra Two and Three! And...I have decided that we are going to make the two films... Together! Allowing them to also release closer together!”

He added, “I have a timeline in place to achieve this, which I am sharing with you all today! I also have another piece of news to share...The Universe has presented me with a very special opportunity recently a very special movie - to step into and direct! What the movie is... More on that when the time is right :) An opportunity that challenges me and terribly excites me... one where I will learn, be inspired and where I will grow! So, I have decided to take it up!! Opening myself up to all the positive energies in this universe so I can do my best and contribute to that one thing that matters most to me - Indian Cinema! Love and Light, Ayan”.

Just as when everyone thought that everything was just right in the ‘Brahmastra’ universe, there came a shocking news report (based on source quote) in Bollywood Hungama. The news report (as told by a source to the portal) stated that there are strong speculations about Ayan Mukerji moving out of Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions with the ‘Brahmastra’ franchise. The report stated that, while announcing the ‘Brahmastra’ franchise, Ayan Mukerji did not tag either Dharma Productions or Karan Johar, which was also one of the reasons that fuelled the speculations of a reported fallout between Karan Johar and Ayan Mukerji.

As per a source close to Bollywood Hungama, it was reported that, Ayan Mukerji failed to tag Karan Johar or Dharma Productions. Secondly, Karan is also reportedly heartbroken because Ayan Mukerji took the step of announcing the film’s sequel all by himself, given the timespan that was given to Ayan to make the film. In other words, despite giving Ayan a free hand by Karan Johar, he did not keep Karan Johar in the loop. Amidst all this, there are also reports coming in that Ayan Mukerji is in talks with other production houses as the IP rights (Intellectual Property rights) are with Ayan.

Reports are that Ayan, who holds the intellectual property rights, has reportedly begun talks with other production banners as well.

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