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Phoenix Twitter review: Netizens call Aju Varghese’s horror drama an ‘exceptional film’

Directed by Vishnu Bharathan, Phoenix - the script of which is written by Midhun Manuel Thomas - hit the theatres today (November 17)

Hridyambika A Manu
Nov 17, 2023
Phoenix Twitter review: Netizens call Aju Varghese’s horror drama an ‘exceptional film’
A still from Phoenix

One of Malayalam cinema’s most celebrated writer Midhun Manuel Thomas’ works have been garnering huge success at the box office lately. His latest film Phoenix - starring Aju Varghese and Anoop Menon - might top his already successful endeavours. Helmed by debut director Vishnu Bharathan, Phoenix is a horror drama film. It’s the story of a family that experiences unusual activities after moving into a new house in a faraway place.

The film also features Chandhunadh, Bhagath Manuel, Abhirami Bose, Aji John and Asha Aravind in supporting roles. Phoenix hits the theatres today (November 17). The film’s music is scored by Sam CS. Let’s take a look at some of the Twitter (now X) reviews:

Twitter review: Phoenix receives a positive response

Released on November 17, Phoenix has been well received by the audience. Many are praising the film for its music, cinematography and performances - especially that of the child artistes. The movie is also being spoken about for its blend of horror and romance in its storyline. It has earned praise for its unexpected plot twists and captivating narrative.

Despite the absence of A-listers in the cast, the film is anticipated to perform well at the box office. In general, filmmaker Midhun is acknowledged as a skilled writer, contributing to the overall positive reception of the movie.

Phoenix’s scripting began during the pandemic: Anoop Menon

In a recent interview with OTTplay, Anoop, who plays a pivotal role in Phoenix, revealed that scriptwriter Midhun had been working on Phoenix for almost four years. “Vishnu had come up with the story and Midhun developed it. It’s not like Midhun finished writing Phoenix in a few days. He has been writing for the past four years. In fact, he has been writing prolifically since the pandemic. He is someone who invests so much in a script, unlike me for whom it’s a spur-of-the-moment thing. That’s a different kind of writing, but both work in different ways,” the actor elaborated.

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