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What are OTTplay bundled subscription plans?

OTTplay is first of its kind to bring you bundled subscription plans. Each of the OTTplay subscription packs has been carefully curated based on the preferences, needs, and tastes of different audiences. The OTT subscription packs include a mix of Hindi, English, and South assorted OTTs to pick from.

What can I watch, if I purchase one of these plans?

You can watch 25k+ Movies and Shows in 10+ Languages across varied Genres by subscribing to our plans. Once you purchase a specific plan, you can start watching content from the OTTs in your bundle.

OTTplay is available on which all devices?

OTTplay App is available to install on Android mobile phone, iphone, Android TV, Apple TV, FireTVstick, Jio Set-top-box and all the web platforms. Streaming is not supported on Safari mobile browser. Tablets are currently not supported. We are launching soon on Samsung, LG TVs.

Can I get a Free Trial?

Yes. You can subscribe to our ‘Starter’ pack and enjoy movies and shows from 12+ OTTs, absolutely free for 14 days.

Do I get all the content that is available on these apps?

Yes. You will be able to enjoy all content available on these apps. However, there may be some exceptions as providers manage the availability of these titles that are included with their service. As an exception, Gujarati content from ShemarooMe is not included in the packs.

Is there any difference between Monthly and yearly plans?

The monthly packs might differ slightly from the annual packs. The number of OTTs, streaming restrictions etc. may vary. Please check before purchasing. For example, SonyLiv streaming is only permitted on one device with Monthly plans. SunNxt and ManormaMax are not offered with Monthly plans.

How to Subscribe?

You can Subscribe by clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button. Select your choice of plan and provide us with your personal details. While mobile numbers are mandatory, you can opt to provide us with your email for receiving notification alerts and content recommendations via newsletters. You can provide us with your consent for Whatsapp to receive personalized updates.

How am I billed? Can I make monthly payments?

We offer both yearly and monthly packs on OTTplay. Select a plan of your choice and make the payment for that duration. You can also opt for auto-renewal and cancel it anytime.

After I subscribe, Can I change my plan?

Once you are subscribed to a plan, you cannot switch to another plan. However, you can choose to upgrade to pack(s) with more OTTs by paying net price for the duration. Find upgrade options in your settings. To upgrade, go to Profile > My Subscription > Upgrade.

How do I Cancel auto-renewal?

You can cancel auto-renewal for your next billing. Go to Profile > My Subscription > Manage Subscription > Cancel Membership. Your plan will stay active till expiry and no refunds or credits will be issued for current duration. You can cancel auto-renewal for your subscription up to 2 days before the expiry date.

Can I get a refund?

We do not have a refund policy. Once a subscription is activated, we cannot cancel it hence no refund can be initiated against the payment. You can reach out to our customer care and we shall resolve issues you may be facing.

If I buy a plan here, can I also use the same login on these apps?

No. There is no seamless login between OTTplay and the provider apps. Once a plan is purchased, subscribed content can be streamed only from OTTplay. You just need OTTplay to browse, search and play content from 17+ OTTs.

On how many devices can I use my login?

You will be able to access login on multiple devices. However, concurrent streaming can only be done on upto 2 devices. Exceptions: Zee5 content can be streamed in Single device only. SonyLIV content can be streamed in a single device only for Monthly Packs.

Can I watch outside India?

A subscription plan can only be purchased in India and works seamlessly inside India only. After purchase, if you try to use the service outside of India, it may or may not work depending on territorial restrictions applied by providers.

Why can’t I download content?

The download feature is not available yet. Subscribed content can only be accessed through online streaming.

Can I watch OTTplay on my TV?

Yes! You can watch OTTplay on Android TV, FireTV Stick, Apple TV and Jio Set-top-box. We are launching soon on Samsung and LG TVs. Steps to activate TV: Login on OTTplay app/web on your mobile > Go to Profile > Activate TV > Install OTTplay app on your TV > Enter the 4 digit code. Please Note: 1) Android TV - All OTTs will be available to stream. 2) Fire TV - SunNXT, Zee5 and SonyLIV will not be available to stream. 3) Jio TV - Zee5 and SonyLIV will not be available to stream. 4) Apple TV - SunNXT and SonyLIV will not be available to stream. This is because of the absence of support or restrictions applied by these TV platforms. We are working on providing these solutions.

How to connect on TV?

You can download the OTTplay app on your TV and access your subscription by following the below steps: 1) Install and open the OTTplay app on your TV. You will see a 4-digit code on the screen. 2) Now Open OTTplay app on your mobile or website. Go to ‘Activate TV’ in Profile. 3) Enter the 4-digit code that is displayed on your TV on this screen in your mobile. 4) You will see a confirmation message- Successfully Logged In on the TV. 5) To get the best viewing experience on the big screen- please download the SonyLiv, Zee5, and Sun NXT app on your TV.

What is the video quality experience on OTTplay?

We provide the best video experience with “upto” Ultra HD quality. Some videos may not play in the highest quality. The resolutions for videos will vary as they are same as provided by our partners. To modify the video quality within available options, visit the setting option in the player. Zee5 offers premium HD Plan on OTTplay, 4K is not included in any plans.

Why can't I see the subtitles?

We provide subtitles with most content on OTTplay. You may not see subtitles if they are not provided by provider OTTs. Subtitles are currently not supported on iPhones.

Why am I seeing Ads?

You may be seeing Ads because they are inserted by provider OTTs in Live, reality-tv and other related formats.

How to watch Live TV?

We have a dedicated section for LIVE TV channels. You can watch 150+ Live channels on OTTplay from this curation across News, Entertainment, Regional and more. Sony BBC Earth & PIX are not available.

My OTP limit exceeded? What can I do?

Only 5 OTP attempts are allowed in a day. Please reach out to customer care to reset it. We recommend you create a password by clicking on ‘forgot password’ in the Login journey.

Lionsgate is not playing for me. How to solve it?

Lionsgate content only plays in India and has geofencing restrictions. If you are facing issues, please try resetting your wifi router once or connect to some other network and check.

How to add/change my email or mobile number to my profile?

Your mobile number is your primary login and you can only login to your subscribed pack with your mobile number. We currently do not have the provision to update phone numbers or email. Please remember to provide correct details at the time of registration.

How to delete saved card data?

Your payment details are not saved with OTTplay. These are securely saved with the payment gateway provider as per RBI guidelines. We cannot use your saved payment details without your permission. If you have cancelled auto-renewal, you can’t be billed.

Who is eligible for Bundle with HT Newspaper Scheme?

The scheme is for our Hindustan Times Newspaper readers only, where users can purchase coupons for specific plans available in the scheme and redeem the coupon on OTTPlay against that specific plan.

How do I redeem the coupon?

To redeem the coupon, you need to select the offered plan, apply the coupon, and it will show the discounted price. Complete the payment, and your subscription will be activated.

Why are live channels on ETV not working on web?

Live channels on ETV are currently available to OTTplay users on app (Android and iOS) and TV only. We will soon make these live channels available to you on web as well.

Xiaomi Weekend Bonanza Offer

Weekend Bonanza Offer?
  1. Offer is only available for a limited period, from 1st September to 4th September 2023, only for Xiaomi TV users.
  2. To successfully apply the coupon, users can scan the QR code shown on the TV banners.Or apply the promo code ‘OTTPLAYMI49’ on Jhakaas Monthly plan.
  3. The customers will get a discount of Rs. 150 on the Jhakaas Monthly pack, for the 1st month.
  4. For extension, Rs 199 will be auto - debited after 30 days and users will get access to the OTTplay Premium Jhakaas Plan for another month.
  5. Offer applicable only on the Jhakaas Monthly Pack.
  6. Users can cancel their subscription anytime from the ‘Manage Subscription’ section.
  7. Offer is valid only for users in India.
  8. Offer is valid for new users only.
  9. The offer is valid for a single transaction, single mobile number only.
  10. This QR or coupon code is non - refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.
  11. Improper use of the QR or voucher, including but not limited to its unauthorized publication, distribution or sale is prohibited and may constitute fraud.The Terms and Conditions published at OTTplay shall be applicable.
  12. T & Cs published at OTTplay shall be final and binding to all.


What is OTTplay?

OTTplay is a comprehensive and reliable guide to movies and shows aimed at helping people find things to watch across an increasingly fragmented streaming landscape. It will act as a search engine for streaming content across OTT channels. No need to open streaming apps one by one, search for titles, watch trailers etc. Besides listing thousands of movies and TV shows, it will offer a number of smart filters (genre, price, ratings, and release year) to make browsing smoother and faster. It will let users know if a title is paid or free along with the service where users can watch/rent/buy/subscribe. We offer our own subscription bundles that you can check and subscribe to.

Is OTTplay a streaming service?

OTTplay now offers bundled subscription plans on the platform itself. If you buy one of those, you would be able to stream them directly on OTTplay. Otherwise, we redirect you to the platform where the content you wish to watch is available.

How can I improve my recommendations?

Ensure you have selected your language and genre preferences. You can let us know these and more in Profile. Rate more titles and add more titles to your watchlist to improve the system recommendations.

I searched for a movie/show on OTTplay but no results were shown, why?

We try to keep our database updated at all times, be it OTTs offered in Premium packs or offered for recommendations. Please let us know what we are missing, and we will fix it asap.

Do people have to login or subscribe to be able to see data from sources? Is this different for different channels?

This is applicable only if you choose to stream on OTTplay by purchasing one of our packs. Otherwise, registration is not mandatory for browsing movies/shows or for searching or getting recommendations. It will be required only if you want to sync your watchlist or likes across devices. Also, if you register, it will help us personalize your experience.

I observed that a movie/show was not available on an OTT though your platform said it did, why?

The providers sometimes remove content from their catalogue, and we try to keep our database updated at all times. Please let us know where we are wrong, and we will fix it asap.

The price listed for a movie/show is wrong, I saw that it was more expensive on the OTT, why?

The provider could have changed the price . We try to keep our database updated at all times. Please let us know where we are wrong, and we will fix it asap.

I faced an issue when I tried to buy/rent/subscribe on OTT. What should I do now?

If you tried buying one of our bundled subscription plans and faced an issue, please write to our customer support team. If you tried buying an OTT by other means or an OTT that is not included in these plans, then we will not be able to help. Please contact the provider’s support for the same.

I was redirected to a different movie/show when I clicked on OTT, why?

We aim at keeping the data error free but a few movies & shows get missed out . Please let us know what information is wrong, and we will fix it.