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5 romantic shows that will break any language barrier

Here are five must watch romantic shows across languages

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 03.31 PM, Mar 04, 2022

5 romantic shows that will break any language barrier

Gone are the days of missing exciting content because of inaccessible content due to language barriers. With shows like Dark (German) and Money Heist (Spanish), audiences have realised that they can easily cross that barrier through subtitles. And, if you are a fan of the romantic soap-operas, here are the top 5 picks of romantic shows that will break the barriers of language and of your hearts.

Aani Kay Hava

Aani Kay Hava, literally meaning, 'what else do we need', is a short Marathi language series that will give you all the feels – and then some. The show has a simple premise— an arranged marriage that leads to an inseparable friendship. Jui and Saket are hashtag 'couple goals'. They fight, makeup, and then fight some more. You can stream Aani Kay Hava on MX Player to join the ride with Jui and Saket.

Descendants of The Sun

Shows from South Korea (K-dramas) are all the rage right now. A love story, Descendants of the Sun, depicts the relationship between a surgeon and a special forces officer. While Kang Mo-yeon saves lives, Yoo Si-jin kills enemy forces. Their relationship is at stake due to the opposing nature of their jobs. Watch this 16-part series on Netflix and find out what fate has in store for these two intriguing individuals.

30 Weds 21

30 Weds 21 is a Telugu rom-com series revolving around 30-year-old Prudhvi's struggle to connect with his 21-year-old wife, Meghana. This arranged marriage between a working Information Technology professional and a fresh graduate from college is unusual, to say the least. Prudhvi's attempts to keep up with Meghana gradually gets them closer. Available to watch for free on YouTube, 30 Weds 21 is bound to warm your heart.


Sometimes, all it takes is a stranger to change your life forever. In this mini-series, the stranger, Cheesecake, is a golden retriever who accidentally enters Neel and Sameera's home. The couple is constantly struggling to keep their relationship afloat, and now they must deal with a dog. But since dogs are essentially angels, Cheesecake's presence brings Neel and Sameera closer. Stream this English language romantic comedy on MX-player and ensure you keep a box of tissues handy.

Crash Landing on You

We could not end this list without adding another heart-warming K-drama. Crash Landing on You follows the life of a South Korean heiress who lands in North Korea after a paragliding accident. After Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok, a North Korean army officer, protects Yoon Se-ri, the heiress, the two plan her escape back to South Korea. The Netflix show is guaranteed to take you through an emotional roller-coaster. The only problem– this is a limited series with no scope for a second season!

Grab your significant other and binge our top picks to rekindle your love!