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Apoorva Arora hopes for Family Aaj Kal new seasons, says there are many layers left to explore | Exclusive

Family Aaj Kal, featuring Apoorva Arora, is out on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium

Apoorva Arora hopes for Family Aaj Kal new seasons, says there are many layers left to explore | Exclusive
Apoorva Arora/Instagram

Last Updated: 02.38 AM, Apr 05, 2024


SonyLIV (and OTTplayPremium) recently came up with a family drama show, Family Aaj Kal. This series is about a girl born to an otherwise secular family, who come into a dilemma when they feel their daughter has fallen for a man who belongs to the lower class. Apoorva Arora plays that very daughter, Meher, who is in love with a taxi driver. The show explores her life and choices, and how her family reacts to the same. Apoorva caught up with OTTplay on call and spoke about the show and her opinions on the matter.


What would you say attracted you the most towards the show?

The first time I read the script, I did not expect it to be that engaging. Honestly, I thought I'll probably read an episode or two and give it to the team to go ahead and make up take a call for it.

But I ended up reading the whole thing and I remember telling them to get it locked without really asking questions and that's what they did. And this is before I knew who’s the director and who the other actors are. I just knew that he was making it and it's a great script. Meher's character is very internal and different from the characters that I've played in my life because she’s someone who's been at home for three years and she's been depressed, and she has for a while. She's probably lived a double life because before she tells her parents about her boyfriend, she's probably also hidden it from them. So that's like she comes with that bag of having lived that double life and then that sudden pressure of, you know, just wanting to tell them that I'm seeing a boy and he's a cab driver and you have to accept it. So, I think that complexity, that added a lot for me. That's the reason I took it up.

So, your character, she somewhere doesn't believe that money is important in life. Love is important. But when you go and watch trailer and read the comments, people are like, you need to be realistic and money is important. So, what would you personally feel? What is your preference like? What's the most important, money or love?

Honestly, money. Also coming from a place of privilege, because I can handle my own finances. I have my own money, I have my own source of income. I don't need to decide my partner based on that, but yes, I agree that someone's financial health also impacts their emotional health also impacts their behaviour towards you because. And lack of money adds a lot of stress to a person's life.

And stress only makes you mentally, a little unhealthy. If you're attached to someone romantically and you're expecting to spend your life with them as a family, in that situation, it's important, not because you expect them to sponsor your lifestyle, but only because they should be able to sponsor their own. So, I agree with most people.


Your series College Romance has been a big hit and has many seasons. Do you see the same with Family Aaj Kal?

I would really hope so because there are so many layers to the story that are still unexplored and obviously one season is not enough. So, I hope that the makers decide to take that call. And they decide to get to the second season and also made as soon as possible.

Is there any series that you are working on apart from this or that we see releasing anytime soon?

Yes, there's a bunch of things that I can't really announce right now, but the one thing that I can give a little hint on is this show with Mr. Rohan Sippy. It's a big ensemble cast. There's about 20-25 primary characters. There's a lot of veteran actors. There's a lot of new actors. There's a lot of masala. And of course, it's Mr. Rohan Sippy. So, him being at the helm of a project like this only adds to the madness that's going to be seen on camera and on screen. I have to wait for them to announce it before I can really reveal too many details, but this is also a completely different, completely new look, that people will see me in.

Apart from that, we have seen you do Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi movies apart from Hindi. So, do we see you in movies soon and if yes, then which language can we see you in next?

There's a bunch of Hindi films that I've already shot for. Some of them are independent projects. Some of them are backed by someone. I think things are going to take some time, but they are going to come up very soon.

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