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Bigg Boss 16 EXCLUSIVE! Gautam Singh Vig: If Soundarya Sharma controls her emotions, she can go very far in the game

Gautam was evicted from Bigg Boss 16 recently.

Bigg Boss 16 EXCLUSIVE! Gautam Singh Vig: If Soundarya Sharma controls her emotions, she can go very far in the game
Bigg Boss 16 - Gautam Singh Vig.

Last Updated: 04.23 PM, Nov 22, 2022


Gautam Singh Vig, who was evicted from Bigg Boss 16 recently, is still high on emotions. While he is still rooting for his girlfriend Soundarya Sharma, Gautam is also more determined than ever to give it back to those who did wrong by him in the house. Gautam spoke to OTTplay post his evictions – about his state of mind since leaving the house and what are his future plans.

Excerpts from the interview…

This is surprising. Did you see this eviction coming?

Yes, the eviction was very surprising for me. I wasn’t expecting to get out and so soon. I’m still in shock because I wasn’t expecting that.

Where do you think you went wrong?

From the first week, they were trying to corner me everywhere. They would just pick up everything – whatever I was doing or saying. They would just keep stretching the fake-real mudda. I was just doing my best and trying to be as real as I can.

What would you say about the people who think Soundarya doesn't matter to you?

What people say about me and Soundarya doesn’t really matter to me because we know each other. Our feelings and emotions were genuine. We did our best. Rest is people’s perception – whatever they want to think. We were being judged too soon. If we had more time, things might have been portrayed better.

Would you go for more grand gestures for her this time if you could back in the house?

Of course. I will try to go as grand as I can. Since she’s such a strong contestant, I’m hoping she’ll go as far as she can. She just needs to control on her emotions a little more to make things fine. If she can do that, then she can survive. If she comes back to me, there are a lot of plans. We will plan our things accordingly. Since outside is a different world, let’s see how things will go.

What is your equation with Shalin and Tina now?

It’s kind of same. They are too much in themselves and I didn’t like fake people much. I have no equation or perception to be friends with them. Whatever happened inside, after that, I don’t feel I’m comfortable sharing the friendship bond with them.

Now that you are out, which contestant are you rooting for?

Of course, Soundarya. However, if she’s not in the house, the next person I can think of is Archana.

If you get an opportunity to go back in the house, what would you do differently?

Of course I want to go back in the house. I’ll be a ghaayal sher when I go inside and screw everyone’s happiness. I’ll play more individually. If Soundarya is inside the house, I’ll make it very clear that I’m here to play our individual game. Love and everything is on the side. We can continue doing that later on also.

My main thing is that I’ve seen and heard a lot of things outside. So, I just want to go and screw everyone’s happiness. I’ll make sure nobody stays in comfort when I’m back in. That’s my main thing. The things that I didn’t know either, I know them now. It won’t be easy for them to stay with me now. So, yeah, I can screw each and everyone. Be it Sajid Khan, Shalin Bhanot, Tina Datta or Priyanka – anyone.

What are your upcoming projects after Bigg Boss?

I have a couple of things lined up. They will commence from January. I’m just going to stay in contact with them. Let’s see when it goes on floors.

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