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Bigg Boss 16 EXCLUSIVE! Gautam Singh Vig: Salman Khan’s show is a good break after working on TV for 2 years straight

Bigg Boss 16 contestant Gautam Singh Vig is often called TV's Hrithik Roshan.

Bigg Boss 16 EXCLUSIVE! Gautam Singh Vig: Salman Khan’s show is a good break after working on TV for 2 years straight
Gautam Singh Vig (Instagram).
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 11.49 AM, Oct 04, 2022


Often touted to be Television’s Hrithik Roshan, Gautam Singh Vig has entered Bigg Boss 16 with some hopes. In a candid interaction with OTTplay, Gautam revealed his plans after going in the madhouse. The actor hopes to understand Bigg Boss in the house, in order to be able to react accordingly.

More so, Gautam is in Bigg Boss because it is a ‘good break.’ Excerpts…

What made you say yes to Bigg Boss 16?

It’s people’s favourite show on National TV. Apart from that, it’s a show where you can be who are you. You can portray yourself and go with the flow.

Were you approached for the show previously? If yes, what made you say no back then?

Yes, I was approached many times in the past but due to my work commitments and because of date issues, I wasn’t able to participate. This time, luckily, my show got off-air in August and I got a call and thought ‘let’s do something toofaani.’ I wanted to do that since the last couple of years so yeah, here we are.

Would you say Bigg Boss has helped people's careers? What do you think it would do to yours?

Honestly, I’m not even thinking about that. Your career is in your own hand. It’s a show, so appreciate the opportunity you got and just give it your best. Do your best, let’s worry about the results later. I aim to have my actions right, go with the flow and believe that everything will fall into place automatically.

What do you think about getting into the battlefield with Bigg Boss himself this season?

I’m lucky enough to get this chance. For the last 15 years, we were just listening to his voice. Now, if we actually see Bigg Boss play the game, could it get better? I have done my masters in psychology. So, it will help me understand what he’s all about and how he would react. It’s kind of an edge for me.

Where do you see yourself after the show ends?

I see myself working more. I think that’s where I see myself.

Are you open to participating in more reality shows after this one?

Always. I love reality shows, yaar. Why not? We’re usually stuck doing Hindi project for two years – doing the same thing. Hence, this is kind of a break but a good one, which helps you grow as a person and improve as an actor too.