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Bigg Boss 16 Exclusive! Sreejita De retracts her claim on Bigg Buzz that Tina Datta broke relationships

Sreejita De had famously said, "Tina Datta ne logon ke ghar tode hai."

Bigg Boss 16 Exclusive! Sreejita De retracts her claim on Bigg Buzz that Tina Datta broke relationships
Sreejita De/Instagram
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 04.56 AM, Jan 15, 2023

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Sreejita De made a very popular statement about Tina Datta inside the Bigg Boss 16 house. She said, "Tina ne logon ke ghar tode hai." That means "breaking houses" in English, but Sreejita's comment made me think of breaking up with someone and an upcoming wedding.

After her exit from Bigg Boss 16, Sreejita De took a U-turn as she spoke to Krushna Abhishek on Bigg Buzz. She clarified that she didn't mean Tina ended relationships or ruined a wedding.

"I meant that she's facing her karma; what she has done in life is coming back to her," Sreejita said. She then tried to justify her statement by saying she was mad at Tina.

The actress later said that she was talking about Tina’s relationship with Shalin Bhanot and is now guilty for making the statement. Sreejita also revealed that she apologised to Tina for saying what she said when she came out of Salman Khan’s show for the second time.

Sreejita was discussing Tina with Soundarya Sharma. She called Tina a narcissist and claimed she tried to hit on every guy she could find.

Adding to her statement, Sreejita recalled that Tina had asked her if Michael had a friend she could hook up with. Sreejita followed Tina's lead and claimed Tina had humiliated her best friend Aneri.

Sreejita shared that during a stay, Tina had an argument with the hotel staff, and when Aneri did not come to her aid, Tina gave it back to Aneri all night. She claimed that Aneri cried all night on the hotel balcony, while Tina blamed Aneri for not coming to her aid.

Meanwhile, Tina and Shalin have parted ways on Bigg Boss 16. The two and their equation are constantly called fake. Currently, they are at the stage where they have given up on one another. While Tina stated that she needed time, Shalin told her in clear words that he didn’t want to continue what they had, and thus, they should avoid talking to and about one another.