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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Exclusive! Falaq Naaz: Shezaan Khan and Shafaq Naaz knew I had difficulty giving auditions since the incident

Sheezan Khan is accused in Tunisha Sharma's death and is currently out on bail as a participant on Rohit Shetty's Khatron Ke Khiladi 13

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Exclusive! Falaq Naaz: Shezaan Khan and Shafaq Naaz knew I had difficulty giving auditions since the incident

Last Updated: 07.16 PM, Jun 29, 2023


Falaq Naaz is one of the strongest participants on Bigg Boss OTT 2. She proved the same by becoming the first captain of the house. Falaq also has a family that works in the industry. Her brother Shezaan Khan (accused in Tunisha Sharma’s death who is currently out on bail) is an actor, who is also currently a part of Rohit Shetty’s Khatron Ke Khiladi 13. Their sister, Shafaq Naaz, too is an actor. While speaking to OTTplay, Falaq revealed how the two reacted after hearing that she is going to Bigg Boss OTT 2 and the real reason that she is on Salman Khan’s show.

Excerpts from the interview…

You had a very successful career but did not sign anything since 2021. What happened?

Honestly, I took a break because I had health issues. Then I extended the break to do some good work and take time off. While that happened, some situations arose. Thus, even if got the offers, I wouldn't be able to face the camera and speak my dialogues. So, when I got the Bigg Boss OTT offer, I immediately knew that I wanted to do it. That was mainly because I don't have to be fake or act. It is high time that people should know me as Falaq Naaz. All my fans, are fans of the characters that I have played on TV. I got the opportunity and thought it is high time that I should show the world how I am.

You spoke about the incident in your family. I'm sure life took a huge turn since that happened. In the midst of it, you and your brother both took up different reality shows. Was it something you both needed to feel slightly normal with everything happening?

Definitely. It is for my family. If I'm doing Bigg Boss, it is for me but my family is usually involved in all my life decisions. They are the reason for me doing what I do.

I do not know how long will it take to get out of the situation but we all want to slowly go back to feeling normal. It still doesn't feel very normal.

Your sister and brother both are actors too. How did they react to the news?

In our family, we do discuss and support during confusion. Shezaan and Shafaq knew that I was having difficulties in delivering dialogues even during auditions. Thus, they encouraged me to take up the show. Forget them also, my mom wanted me to go on Bigg Boss. That was a reason for me to say yes to the show immediately. I would get a flying chappal from mom if I refused the show (laughs) but this was a reason to say okay.

Tell me, why Bigg Boss, that too OTT? Here, people are unfiltered and can go to any lengths to win the game...

I don't think that's the case this time. There are many changes. OTT is no longer OTT. Everybody watches OTT. The platform it is streaming on - Jio Cinema - everyone watches it. People around me are getting the connection. This year things are different. Salman sir is here and so, people will definitely watch the show.

Bigg Boss is such a show that it doesn't matter if it is on OTT or TV. I feel that the show has a separate fan following. Whether TV or OTT, it is the same for me.

What do you feel about Salman Khan hosting the show this time?

The feeling is amazing. I'm excited. When I think about being in front of him, I skip a heartbeat. It will be surreal to stand in front of Salman Khan. God kept this surprise for me this year, so here we are. I'm very overwhelmed.

I also saw that you played a mother too often, even before you touched 30. Do you believe you were stereotyped into that and it somewhere worked against because your offers got limited?

Yes, you get stereotyped. You play a character by fluke, thinking that rather than just spending time at home, you'd take up the role. What you don't realise is that you will get projects similar to that later on.

I took a break to break out of this stereotype. I didn't want to play a mother again. I got so many offers to play a mother and refused them all. I am okay sitting at home for a year or two. God gave me so much that I can earn even while sitting at home.

Yes, you are right. People get stereotyped. This is true for the industry, sadly. It is why I took the break.

Saroj Khan ji trained you in dancing long ago. Did you contact her or ask the makers if she could join you on the show to relive the old times on-screen?

I don't know. Fans are very excited to see me in Bigg Boss. It is my first reality show too.

When it comes to training from Master ji or my dance, dance is in my blood. Nobody can take that away from me. I dance when excited or after I achieve something. People will see all varieties.

Not many know but you had also made a cameo in Taarak Mehta long ago. The show is currently in news for other reasons. Did you face something like that and would want to talk about it?

Many people know about my stint. The story behind that is that I was free at that time. I wasn't in the mood to do a cameo and don't usually take them up. I have done many episodics, long ago, on different channels. When I got Taarak Mehta, they told me it is a three-day shoot in the city. I took it up just thinking it will be an outing. It was a lot of fun. The team and actors were very nice. I shot for the episode, it got telecasted and I hadn't even seen it when suddenly my fans asked me if it was me. I didn't even market it and this one episode got added to my profile. I'm very happy to be a part of such an amazing show which has worked for so long and is ruling people's hearts. It feels great.

What should the viewers and other contestants look out for when it comes to you on the show?

I don't know about others but I'll be myself and purely real. People want to see you in reality. The cameras pick up all your emotions. I'm going to be free in the house. People will see everything that happens. It's very exciting.

What would you say your personality is like?

I'm a pitaara of different emotions. I will go ahead according to the situation. I can be deeply serious and in the same breath, be deeply funky. It all depends on my mood.

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