Bigg Boss OTT Exclusive! Karan Nath: I hope Salman Khan recognises me
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Bigg Boss OTT Exclusive! Karan Nath: I hope Salman Khan recognises me

Karan Nath's parents have worked with Salman Khan in the past, on the movies Saajan and Dil Tera Aashiq.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 15, 2021
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Karan Nath.

Bigg Boss OTT commenced a week ago with various contestants including actor Karan Nath. The show will have its first eviction on Sunday, August 15. While Karan Johar hosts the OTT version, Salman Khan will later come back to host Bigg Boss 15.

For the uninitiated, Karan Nath and Salman go a long way. Karan's parents have worked with the superstar on Saajan and Dil Tera Aashiq. Now that Karan is on the show, he hopes to go closer towards winning the trophy or at least, meeting Salman Khan. The actor spoke to OTTplay exclusively about his connection with Salman Khan and how the actor motivates him, among other things.

Excerpts from the interview...

People who are usually looking to make a career come to Bigg Boss. In your case, you have a career in Bollywood and parents from the film industry. So what made you say yes to the show?

I always wanted to be a part of Bigg Boss. For the first time it is coming on OTT. It becomes all the more special to be a part of such a great format this time around. Ever since the trailer started, I've been getting a lot of calls from my friends and relatives. They're super excited. There are so many people who follow Bigg Boss. Coming on OTT makes it more special.

Do you see Bigg Boss as a way to boost your acting career?

Obviously I would love to win this year's Bigg Boss. I will definitely set an example for other people who are in my place - for other actors to take Bigg Boss as a relaunchpad. I would definitely love that to happen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I do want to win the show. I'll do my best. Let God decide.

What are you expecting from the show?

It's going to be really special because it's coming out on OTT, right? So things are going to be over-the-top. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. It's going to be bolder and more fun. I'm looking forward to it.

This show marks your debut in both TV and OTT...

I'm super duper excited, really. I always wanted to do OTT and the small screen. I'm so happy that Voot gave me the opportunity. I just can't wait to relaunch myself here.

Is this how you imagined venturing into the two platforms?

It all happened by chance. It's coming on OTT for the first time. Bigg Boss obviously is connected to the small screen, right? I'm lucky that everything came together nicely.

Have you seen the previous seasons?

Yes I have. I enjoyed the 13th season a lot. I had a few friends in it. The rivalry between Sidharth and Asim was quite fun to watch. It was definitely my favourite season and it did well also.

Who has been your favourite contestant so far?

Sidharth Shukla for his regression. Rahul Roy for his cool and calm nature in the first season. They both are completely different from each other. I have both the qualities.

Did you learn anything from the previous contestants' journey which we will see you follow in the house?

It's very easy to go inside the house and completely go insane and lose yourself. It's more difficult to remain sane and be yourself. I will try to be myself. I'm very cool, calm and collective in my real life. I know a lot of things will happen to me in the house but I will only show aggression where it's required. I don't want to poke people and do something like that because that isn't me in my real life. I don't poke unnecessarily or target anyone. I'm very friendly and approachable. I can't see people getting hurt by my comments. I'm not the one to judge or gossip anyone or hurt them intentionally. I can defend myself very well and stand up for people who are right.

What kind of task will you refuse to do in the house?

You need to have a lot of strong-will for all of that. There isn't a limit. When you have to play for the team, the motivation doubles up. I'll try to win even though I'm scared even thinking about it. I have to play for my team and can't let them down though. I'll definitely give my best shot because of that.

How long do you think you can survive the tough situations?

I think I can survive for the whole five-six months. I can definitely hold the trophy. I'm very positive about that. I am patient and you need that for this format. I would love to win the trophy. Again, it's up to the audience. It's a long format. So I hope I win the show and will give my best for sure.

Your thoughts on Karan Johar hosting the show?

It's quite exciting that Karan is hosting for the first time. Of course, it is Bigg Boss OTT. It will be fun interacting with him. He's known for his witty lines and sense of humour.

Karan Nath.

What would be your reaction if Salman was hosting Bigg Boss OTT?

There's an old connection with him. Both my father and mother have worked with him on Dil Tera Aashiq and Saajan. So I hope I make the cut, go to Colors and get to see and interact with him. That'll be something nice. I haven't met him for a long time so I'll get to meet him too. I hope I make the cut. It's a long way to go and I'm not thinking that far. I'll take it one day at a time, enjoy myself in the house and survive the situations.

If you happen to meet Salman, what do you think your first interaction with him would be?

I hope he recognises me (laughs). I'll be more than happy to see him. Let's see. I want to see if he recognises me or not. I met him a few years ago, around 2012-13. He's someone who believes in me and praises me.

How real are reality shows?

The reason they're called reality shows is because what you see in the house is all real. People fighting with each other, disagreeing on so many things and the tasks, it's all real. The tasks play a major role in people fighting among themselves. It's going to be something different and interesting for me. It will be a new environment altogether and a completely different experience.

What will you miss the most in the Bigg Boss house?

Mom's food. My entire family. My puppy. It's a challenge but I have to do this. There's no other option now.

What's next for you after Bigg Boss?

There's a web series I'll be a part of when I come out. It's made by a well-known director. I won't talk about it now but we're finalizing that.

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