Bigg Boss OTT Exclusive! Muskaan Jattana: Karan Johar isn't God for me
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Bigg Boss OTT Exclusive! Muskaan Jattana: Karan Johar isn't God for me

Muskaan Jattana is better known as 'Moose' on social media. She is an influencer who puts her strong opinions forth.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 15, 2021
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Muskaan Jattana.

Bigg Boss OTT has introduced a fresh face in the form of Muskaan Jattana. More popularly known as 'Moose' on the internet, Muskaan enters the show with no intentions of getting film offers. She, in fact, feels no difference if Karan Johar or Salman Khan host the show.

Muskaan, who is quite vocal on social media, also spoke about how she plans to deal with people inside the house. Moose also shared who she would miss the most inside the house and what she plans to do once she is out of it.

Excerpts from the interview...

Did you instantly agree for the show?

No, I played hard-to-get (just kidding). I was once cancelled and reminded them about the offer and it being beneficial for both of us. They had some issue and were right on their path but I said that it would be beneficial for the both of us. We had some fighting to do but I think it's a show where I belong. Everyone else agrees.

What are you expecting from the show?

Some positivity. I could be that light. It's not important for me to trend all the time or be the most important. It's not my style. I could be their ray of sunshine. People are watching so much toxicity, taking it in and thinking that's how life should be. You can rather take a stand, be mature and also dance your heart out. I want that kind of persona to be seen.

How would you make people comfortable around you?

Since the last eight months, I've been approached by adults a lot. My friends are adults. I'm very approachable and vibe with them a lot. The problem arises when they make fun of me or talk behind my back. That's very immature. They're used to that. They take up my energy, personality and spew out toxicity but that still reflects upon them.

So will you ignore them till they understand you?

Not really. If they take me too far, I do confront them. I've met a lot of housemates who are very nice and caring about me. They know that I am younger than them so they should display some kind of sensibility. So there are times when I had to confront such people and tell them they were wrong. I ask them to justify their stand or leave me alone. I take a stand but where people do not understand or admit to things, I can't help them much.

How do you think you will approach people when you are already frustrated because of lesser food or petty arguments?

I plan to cry it out at night. I am a bit sensitive and I wouldn't change that. I cannot keep fighting till somebody else changes or ends up crying. I focus on myself. You have to take it a day-at-a-time. I could humour my way through it. That is ideally my plan - to make jokes and laugh it out.

Have you seen the previous seasons of Bigg Boss?

Not really. I tried but I didn't like it. If it were my routine then I probably would have seen it. However, when I watch a task, I get scared. So I avoided watching it.

What kind of tasks are you not open to?

Cooking. I don't know how to cook so people will get angry at me if I cook. Task-wise I'm not so sure.

How long do you think you can survive the tough situations? Do you see yourself become a winner?

To be completely honest, I see myself as a finalist but maybe, there are more people suited to be a winner. Why should I think that I'm the best always? I can be the best but I think there might be other people better suited at the format that Bigg Boss is.

You are a very strong and opinionated woman. Do you think there is a place for you in a show like Bigg Boss, where one person is constantly trying to put the other down?

This is a great question and a good point. It is also my fear. I'm someone who likes to have morals and stay by my values. Bigg Boss is a great show. It should have a place for people who are socially correct or have a point of view or stand. Maybe that's what you need on Bigg Boss. That's what people should see online, right? Let's see how it progresses.

What are your thoughts on Karan Johar hosting the show?

I'm very excited for him. It's the first for him and me. I hope he gets just as excited if people ask about me. Till he respects me, I am fine. I've said this previously, he isn't God for me. Nobody is bigger or smaller to me. I'm not the fangirl type. He's excelled in what he does and I hope to learn from that. I also want to be a filmmaker so that way I'm happy.

What would be your reaction if Salman was hosting Bigg Boss OTT?

I'll be like 'Oh My God, mujhe koi fark nahi padta (it doesn't matter to me).' I've never met him so I don't know if he is fun or not. Honestly, it doesn't matter who hosts the show.

How real are reality shows?

I wish that I got some script, to be honest. I could've acted if that was the case but Bigg Boss OTT is quite real since I haven't got any script yet. Do you know that they don't allow you to read books or let you write inside the house?

What will you miss the most in the Bigg Boss house?

My tattoo artist.

What's next for you after Bigg Boss?

I need to go home. My sister has told me that she will take me to New York if I win the show. People told me that I will get film offers if I win Bigg Boss. I said I'm not an actor. Indians get excited just hearing about films. I would love to write or direct films. In that sense, I hope there are opportunities for me to network. I have been doing that anyway so just hoping things get better after the show too.

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