Bigg Boss OTT Exclusive! Nishant Bhatt: Salman Khan gives me ‘principal’ vibes, happy with Karan Johar
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Bigg Boss OTT Exclusive! Nishant Bhatt: Salman Khan gives me ‘principal’ vibes, happy with Karan Johar

Choreographer Nishant Bhatt has worked closely with Karan Johar before Bigg Boss OTT.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 13, 2021

It hasn't even been a week in the Bigg Boss OTT house and Nishant Bhatt has hogged the limelight and made his place in the house. At first, he was seen pampering Neha Bhasin in front of his connection Muskaan Jattana and now the choreographer is in the middle of many fights. He also managed to irk one of the strongest contestants of the show, Divya Agarwal, soon after entering the house. While everyone is waiting for Shanivaar Ka Vaar with Karan Johar, Nishant is especially happy about it.

In an exclusive chat with OTTplay, the choreographer revealed that he has worked with Karan Johar closely in the past and expects the filmmaker to be cordial with him on the show. On the other hand, he is happy for the Shanivaar Ka Vaar with Karan Johar and not Salman Khan because the latter gives him 'principal vibes'. Nishant also opened up about why he quit Dance Deewane mid-way, among other things.

Excerpts from the interview...

Did you instantly agree to the show?

The talks were on but it happened at the very last minute.

Were you approached previously by the show?


What happened? Why didn't you pick it up previously?

No, not previously. It was this season only. I wanted to do this show but I was simultaneously working on Dance Deewane. The timelines weren't matching. There was a tight schedule because of COVID-19. The shooting time was crunched so I was confused. It took time but eventually got locked at the very last minute.

What made you leave Dance Deewane mid-way?

My team is still working on the show. We started in February and now it's October. My team is very good. They are working on the show. So technically I'm still a part of the show.

What are you expecting from the show?

I don't know. I'm just very excited and nervous to do the show. This is the first time I'm trying to do something different in my life. I'm just excited right now. I don't know how it will turn out. Bigg Boss is a show that gives you life experience. I always wanted to do it.

Have you seen the previous seasons?

100%. Bigg Boss is a very entertaining show. I've been following all the seasons.

Who has been your favourite contestant so far?

Urvashi Dholakia. I forgot which season she was a part of. She played well. I loved her style and how she played her tasks. I like her because she is unique. I would also name Sidharth Shukla. He was the only wild child in season 13. He set a benchmark in a way that nobody could reach. You never know though. Anything could happen this season.

Did you learn anything from the previous contestants that you will follow on the show?

I haven't planned anything. I saw the show as an audience and had my opinions about everyone. Now, being the contestant, I haven't planned anything.

Which is the one task in the house which you will not be up for?

Generally when I do a reality show, even if it is a dancing reality show, I'm always up for challenges. I'm not a spoilsport and would love to do Bigg Boss tasks at whatever level. If I'm in a group, I play for them but if I'm myself, then I'll play for myself. I'll give my 100% for sure. We'll see the rest, depending on the task.

What is the real ‘you’ like?

My family and friends think that I'm a perfect candidate for Bigg Boss. They think I'm an opinionated person and take stands. I'm entertaining - laughing, giggling, dancing. I'm also quite a fighter. I don't give up easily. I'm also a drama queen. If people around me think that, then they're probably right.

How long do you think you can survive the tough situations?

Nobody has poked me as much because I'm the one who pokes. It's what my friends and family members say. I haven't met someone who pokes people as much as me. Maybe in this house, I'll face them but let's see. I plan to be myself.

What do you think are your chances of winning the show?

Two years back, I won Super Dancer. I had no idea back then that I would win the show. I just jumped onto the show without keeping in mind that I have to win the show. I don't plan things and go with the flow. At the end of the day, it is about the audience. If they love me, then nobody can stop me from winning. If not, then that's my destiny and fate.

Your thoughts on Karan Johar hosting the show?

I have worked with him in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. I was also an assistant choreographer on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. I've had conversations with him. We've always spoken at work but for the first time, he will talk about personal equations and correct me. He will stop me from doing things and appreciate me. So, I'm excited about how these things will turn out.

What do you think your first interaction will be like?

First, he will turn and say what is wrong with me, why am I doing this? (laughs) I'm sure he'll be excited too.

What would be your reaction if Salman Khan was hosting Bigg Boss OTT?

I'm very happy that Bigg Boss is starting with Karan sir. I'm genuinely scared of Salman sir. He's also seen me dance in multiple shows and commented on them. We haven't really spoken though. I've always been scared of Salman Khan because he gives me the feeling of being with a principal. I'm happy that in the six weeks of OTT, I'll be confident around Karan sir. When I reach the Bigg Boss 15 house and meet Salman sir, I'll have some confidence to at least facing him. Otherwise, I'll run and hide in the toilet.

How real are reality shows?

The word reality has ‘real’ in it. Cameras catch everything. You especially cannot fake it on a show like Bigg Boss. It's as real as you want to show yourself. That's how people connect with you. It's the best part about reality shows. People understand when you are fake and real.

What will you miss the most in the Bigg Boss house?

I won't miss anything but my friends and family will miss me because my friends are used to me. I meet them every day. I have to be part of every party we have together or else that party is no fun. The same goes for my family. They have to talk to me to listen to their daily gossip. I'll manage but they will miss me.

What's next for you after Bigg Boss?

I'm going to enjoy this opportunity the most. I don't know yet what will happen after Bigg Boss but I do know that I'll get back into choreography. The umbrella will definitely be bigger. People will see me on TV. I don't know what will happen after the show because I want to live this moment and keep it as a memory.

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