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Chandu Champion actor Aniruddh Dave expected Kartik Aaryan to be fun and lively but was pleasantly surprised to find out… | Exclusive

Aniruddh Dave played Kartik Aaryan's brother in Kabir Khan's Chandu Champion

Chandu Champion actor Aniruddh Dave expected Kartik Aaryan to be fun and lively but was pleasantly surprised to find out… | Exclusive
Aniruddh Dave (Hindustan Times)

Last Updated: 07.24 PM, Jun 17, 2024


Chandu Champion has been making the noise since its release on Friday. Aniruddh Dave is a part of the movie as Kartik Aaryan’s brother. We caught up with the actor and spoke about his latest offering. Aniruddh told us what it was like working with both Kartik and Kabir Khan on the same project, among other things.


Kaagaz 2 and now Chandu Champion, both releasing in 2024, tell me what the year has been like for you so far.

I feel very happy and honoured. It’s a big role and there’s a lot of responsibility. I am excited and a bit nervous because when a big director and star are involved, expectations are high. The audience today is very smart and aware of what makes a good story, direction, and cinematography. This makes us nervous because we want to ensure everything is perfect. But the response that I have been getting is something I cannot express in words.

Not just that, your fourth web series, Tujhpe Main Fida, also released this year. So I'd like to know, do you see OTT as a platform to truly show what you are as an actor?

No, any place where you get a chance to showcase your talent makes me an actor. I think I am fortunate enough to have got so many chances in all mediums. It really means a lot to me. God has been very kind.

Coming back to Chandu Champion, you play Kartik's elder brother. Were you always aware that's the case? If not, what happened when you realised that is the case? Did you end up meeting Kartik and try to bond that way?

Kartik brought incredible energy to the set every day. He supported me in ways I didn’t expect, making sure I was comfortable in every scene. Coming from my background, such support means a lot and gives me immense strength. In our country, many will watch this film because it’s directed by Kabir Khan, and that in itself is an honour.

Kartik Aaryan In Chandu Champion
Kartik Aaryan In Chandu Champion

Kartik is known for his fun roles in the past but has been experimenting in recent times. Of course, there are fun elements but for example Chandu Champion only sees him as a Paralympist focused on the gold medal. So, when you came on board, what was your view of what Kartik would be like on sets?

Until I got to know him, I wouldn't comment, but now that I know and have worked with him, I can say he is truly a wonderful human being and a true gentleman. He knows how to behave, talk, and handle everything with grace. Initially, given his fun roles in the past, I expected him to be very lively and possibly playful on set, which he is. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see his dedication and professionalism. Kartik is not only fun and engaging but also deeply committed to his craft, making him an inspiring and delightful co-actor to work with.

Kabir Khan, the man who saw the Tiger franchise before it even became a franchise, he was directing you. What was the feeling like to be working in his movie?

Kabir Khan is an amazing director who knows exactly what he wants. He appreciated my work and gave me a lot of confidence. Hearing praise from such a respected director boosts your morale significantly. When he hugged me after a particularly emotional scene, it felt like a great validation of my hard work.

Kartik Aaryan and Kabir Khan. (Courtesy - Instagram)
Kartik Aaryan and Kabir Khan. (Courtesy - Instagram)

Your upcoming projects?

I have some exciting projects lined up. I will start shooting soon, but the dates have been shuffled a bit due to weather conditions. I’m looking forward to working on these new projects and giving my best.

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