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Darling Krishna on Lucky Man: True blessing that Puneeth Rajkumar sir acted in my film

The actor speaks of acting alongside Puneeth Rajkumar in this exclusive chat

Darling Krishna on Lucky Man: True blessing that Puneeth Rajkumar sir acted in my film
Puneeth Rajkumar on the sets of 'Lucky Man'
  • Swaroop Kodur

Last Updated: 02.51 PM, Sep 07, 2022


Actor Darling Krishna is feeling quite 'Lucky' and honoured at the moment and the reason is simple. His upcoming release Lucky Man has him headlining a rather interesting romantic comedy that also boasts of elements of fantasy, and to top things, he got to share the screen space with the Powerstar himself. Lucky Man is one of Puneeth Rajkumar's final appearances on celluloid and fittingly, the late superstar plays God in the film which, as many would attest to, is an offer that can't be passed up.

"It's all a little surreal because I had always dreamed of playing a role in Appu sir's film - maybe as a second lead but I wished for so long to act with him in a film. But, as luck would have it, he would play a role in a film that I am leading and I am really blessed because Appu sir doesn't normally appear in someone else's film," says Krishna in an exclusive chat.

A dream as it may be, acting alongside one's idol is never an easy task. And in Darling Krishna's case, the scenes involving Puneeth Rajkumar also include the comedy veteran Sadhu Kokila and this double-punch of talent could prove heavy for an actor, if they aren't prepared. 

"See, it isn't that I met Appu sir for the very first time on the sets of Lucky Man. Him and I went back a long time and I have known him quite well through the years. So, I wasn't particularly caught off-guard during our scenes but I was tensed and overwhelmed, for sure. While shooting for our scenes, it took me a couple of hours to come to terms that I am sharing the screen with the Puneeth Rajkumar because I was constantly worrying about not making mistakes and if I did make one, I would worry about what he would think of me! But after that, it was all smooth sailing."

"As far as Sadhu Kokila sir is concerned, he has been in almost every film of mine and we know each other quite well. And acting with actors like him is always special because there is always a small scope for improvisation - although I don't believe in drifting away from the script, one can always work with the leeway. But in our case, director Nagendra Prasad was clear about what he wanted and what he did not wish to see so the boundaries were set for us," adds Krishna.

Lucky Man comes as the remake of the 2020 Tamil hit Oh My Kadavule and the Kannada version also stars Sangeetha Sringeri, Roshni Prakash, and others. Another of the film's highlights is the special dance number featuring Puneeth Rajkumar and Prabhudeva which is titled Baaro Raaja. Lucky Man releases in cinema halls on September 9.