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Exclusive! Alexandra Taylor: Kolkata will be my new home soon

The British actress will be seen opposite Ankush in Anshuman Pratush’s Ogo Bideshini

Exclusive! Alexandra Taylor: Kolkata will be my new home soon
Alexandra Taylor with Ankush (left)
  • Shamayita Chakraborty

Last Updated: 03.03 PM, Nov 19, 2022


Ankush, Alexandra Taylor, and Rajnandini Paul’s Ogo Bideshini was released on November 18. The film delves into the life of a possessive Bengali mother, played by Manashi Sinha, and how she deals with her son's (Ankush) affair with a white woman (Alexandra). The British actress, model, and Miss Ireland talked to OTTplay exclusively about her experience of working in a Bengali film and others. Read on…

Is this your first time in Kolkata?

This is my first time in Kolkata. I came on November 10. Earlier I went to Hyderabad to shoot a web series and that was my first time in India.

How is the city treating you?

Oh ever since I came here I have been eating. I tried biryani with mutton. Ankush took me for a horse ride around Victoria Memorial. I planned to visit the zoo.

I am getting offers both from Eskays and others. I cannot divulge a lot but I am moving into Kolkata in January after I spend Christmas with my family.

Tell us how did you get the offer?

I studied acting for a long time. I was looking for opportunities. I was asked to give an audition and then I got the offer. My casting agent helped me with that. When I walked into the set, I was treated like a family. I love my character Suzane. The sacrifice she attempts in the film is very different from the culture I grew up in.

Tell us about your experience.

Ogo Bideshini is my first feature film. I love working on this film. The entire unit became a family. I remember one day, one of the camera lenses broke and the shooting for the entire day got stalled. Instead of stressing about the broken lens, we had a good time that day. We sat on a London road, sang, and ate together. We had a good time.

What are the challenges you faced?

I faced some problems due to the language barrier with the team but that was well managed by my director. In fact, initially, Ankush was also having trouble taking cues from me due to my accent (laughs).

How was Ankush? Did you know that he is a big star here in Kolkata?

I did not know about Ankush’s stardom. I spoke to him like a normal person and we became friends.

And Manashi Sinha?

Manashidi is my second mother. She is the heart of the film and I love him from the bottom of my heart.

What are your friends saying back home? Are they rooting for Ogo Bideshini?

Totally. All my friends are super supportive back home. They are all singing Kacha Kachi without understanding a word.