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Exclusive! Anubhav Sinha talks about Luv Ranjan's reaction to Bheed, reveals plans to work on OTT

Anubhav Sinha's most loved Bollywood film in recent times is Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan

Exclusive! Anubhav Sinha talks about Luv Ranjan's reaction to Bheed, reveals plans to work on OTT
Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar in a still from Bheed

Last Updated: 02.44 PM, May 29, 2023


Anubhav Sinha’s Bheed has released on OTT. The film has been working well on the platform. It is one of the movies in the longest times to be made in black-and-white completely. Anubhav talks to OTTplay about the same and also reveals that he’s going to work on OTT soon.

Excerpts from the interview…

Tell me what was it that inspired you to make Bheed?

When people started walking on the roads, that's when I realised that they existed. Otherwise, they just live in these big cities and facilitate our lives. We take them for granted and we don't care as long as you pay cheap to get a particular facility. One day, in the night, you keep the garbage outside your door and the next morning, it's gone. All you pay for it is Rs. 100 per month. You don't care who came, what's going on in his life, how many children does he have, are they going to school, eating well, free meals, you don't care. Between him and you, you have a can of garbage every morning. One day, that guy is in trouble and so much that he had no choice but to walk back home a 1000 miles. We didn't care because we didn't know the guy. It was just a black plastic bag that used to disappear from the plastic bin. That was the relationship. That day onwards, I started to build a relationship with those people. It is also because I come from the part of the country where these people come from. I sort of half-knew them. Then I could join the dots. That is where the film comes from. Why don't we care about them? How can we buy them so cheap, also in terms of emotional investment? That's where the film comes from. That opened up a lot about the dividing lines between our societies. They are mostly power-driven but if you break it down, it can be about religion, caste, how much money you have etc.

No Bollywood movie in the recent times is made in black-and-white wholly. How did you decide on going ahead with that and what was it like while filming the scenes?

I met Luv Ranjan at a party. He whispered in my ears that will I take all topics or leave something. I didn't relate to what he was saying but he meant that the film was on lockdown, caste, religion and he joked it would also be black-and-white. Then I found that interesting. It is different from the other spectrum of films we make in Mumbai. He's a well-wisher and so, it wasn't that we needed to do it. Black-and-white wasn't driven by anything else but just that the event needed to be seen later in time as an epic event and not just one of those tragedies, like an accident. I always saw this event as epic. That's the reason why I went black-and-white.

Was there ever a plan to release the film directly on OTT?

Personally, I like to go to theatres but these are all business propositions that do come your way and I have so far chosen to stick to going to theatres first because for me, films have to premiere in theatres. That's me the director speaking.

As a viewer, what would you prefer - theatres or OTT?

I'd prefer theatrical experience. It is something else. You sit with 400-500 people, laugh with them. It's almost like going to a rock concert or watching it on TV. You better be in the concert, no? That's my personal opinion.

Which is your most memorable/favourite Bollywood film from the recent times?

Pathaan. I love Shah Rukh immensely. As a star, as an individual. I had the privilege to know him a bit. Shah Rukh films are almost a festival. It was precisely that. I love the whole enchilada.

What is the update on Be Positive?

It will be out soon. Couple of months at the most.

Do you plan to work on OTT shows?

I will. I have to. It's a very compelling medium, so I have to. Currently, I'm just reading books and watching stuff. Nothing has triggered.

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