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Exclusive: 'Critical Keethanegalu' is supremely entertaining and comical tale about a serious issue like IPL betting - Tabla Nani

The seasoned stage and film actor shares his views on IPL betting and its many threats, his role in the film, and more in an exclusive chat

  • Swaroop Kodur

Last Updated: 03.16 PM, May 10, 2022

Exclusive: 'Critical Keethanegalu' is supremely entertaining and comical tale about a serious issue like IPL betting - Tabla Nani
Tabla Nani in Critical Keerthanegalu

Over the years, actor Tabla Nani has grown to become a genuine household name through his work. His acting career may have begun on the stage but his foray into cinema couldn't have been more memorable, which happened in 2006 with Guruprasad's 'Mata'. The director would soon cast him as the supremely engaging visually-impaired character in 'Eddelu Manjunatha' to further enunciate that Tabla Nani is a serious talent on hands. Now, more than a decade-and-a-half later, he continues his pursuits to enthrall the Kannada audiences.

This Friday, Tabla Nani will be back on the big screen with a new comedy titled 'Critical Keerthanegalu'. The film boasts of a rather interesting premise that is centered on the crowd-favorite topic of IPL. Directed by Kumaar who previously worked with Nani on 'Chemistry of Cariappa', Critical Keerthanegalu is based on IPL betting and the many "critical" issues it brings forth for people involved in it. Tabla Nani plays a lawyer in the film that, despite being about a serious topic, is a bonafide comedy.

"My character retains the same track as in Chemistry of Kariyappa and this particular story comes as a new chapter in his life. Apoorva ma'am plays my life who, much to the surprise of the audience, is hooked to IPL betting and this has caused a major glitch in my character's life. So, being a lawyer and a strong advocate against gambling, he takes it upon himself to get IPL banned so that he can put an end to the malaise. Of course, he is motivated to fight the cause because of the many real-life incidents he encounters where people lose their livelihoods or even lives because of gambling addiction. What follows is a supremely entertaining courtroom drama - the story furcates into four sub narratives, each showcasing a peculiar addiction to IPL betting, and my character takes the courtroom and audience into flashbacks to support his case," shares Tabla Nani.

Among the many familiar faces in the film are the talented actors Suchendra Prasad, who plays the judge (just as in Chemistry of Kariappa), and Rajesh Nataranga (on. Director Kumaar is said to have based his writing on many real-life cases of IPL betting addiction and etched a rather impressive narrative that is comical, engaging, and also very emotional.

"Cricket has always been a sport and must remain that way. The whole betting angle is attractive, yes, but can soon become imposing because it's not for everybody. At the end of it, one must know what they are capable of and the kind of challenges they can face. We all have different strengths and something like betting is not a leveling ground in that way - that is the main reason you see many losing their minds and lives over this," reckons Tabla Nani as he shares his two cents on the concept of betting.

Critical Keertanegalu has been produced by Kumar L. under the Kesari Films Capture banner. Veer Samarth has scored the music with Shiva Seena & Shiva Shankar handling the cinematography - Vishwa Vijeth is the editor. The film releases in theatres on May 13th.