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Exclusive! Farhan Akhtar is ‘honoured’ to share OTTplay Award for Best Actor in a film with Arya

While Arya was adjudged the Best Actor for his incredible performance in Tamil film Sarpatta Parambarai, Farhan Akhtar shared the award for his portrayal of Aziz in Toofaan.

Exclusive! Farhan Akhtar is ‘honoured’ to share OTTplay Award for Best Actor in a film with Arya
Farhan Akhtar at OTTplay Awards 2022
  • Prachita Pandey

Last Updated: 05.10 AM, Sep 15, 2022


It was a starry starry night at the recently concluded OTTplay Awards and Conclave 2022. Following the dictum of ‘One Nation, One OTT Award’, the awards ceremony truly celebrated the best content, talent and artists from the world of OTTs. The jury bestowed the OTTplay Award for Best Actor in a film (Male) to both Farhan Akhtar and Arya. While Arya lifted the trophy for his awe-inspiring performance in the Pa Ranjith directorial Sarpatta Parambarai, Farhan Akhtar was awarded for his stellar act in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Toofaan. 

Soon after, Farhan shared his thoughts about sharing the award with Arya and the idea of the first ever pan-India OTT awards. He also got candid about the ongoing debate on theatres vs OTTs and revealed the genre he'd like to dabble in for his debut web series. 

Excerpts from the exclusive interview:

Winning thoughts

It feels great, firstly to share it with Arya. His work is amazing in the film (Sarpatta Parambarai), so very honoured and I’m honestly loving what’s happening here this evening. To be sharing this evening, this stage with such incredible talent from across this country feels great. So full power, more power to everybody who’s put this together. It’s so heartening to see so many industries and so many talented people celebrating films, celebrating each other. It really is a special evening and I’m happy to be a part of it.

The first ever pan-India OTT award

I think it’s the need of the hour. Entertainment is entertainment whichever language it may be in. We laugh, we cry, we have a gamut of emotions when we watch things. So, to be able to recognize that in each other and to recognize each other for it, for the contribution they’re making every year, putting out some amazing content – it’s a very special thing that’s happening and more strength to everybody behind it.

Theatres vs OTTs

I feel there’s space for everything. OTT is an emerging platform. There’s a long way for it to still go, many more people who’re going to get on (OTT) and they will. because it’s easily accessible. There’s a world of content available that you can enjoy, things completely tailored to your sensibilities and taste. But there is something very special about a community experience when you go into a theatre. When you’re sitting in a dark room with strangers and having an emotional journey - laughing and crying at the same thing. There is something very cathartic about it. It’s how we like viewing our content, that will never go away. But of course, OTT is here to stay and we have to recognize that, respect it and create content for it.

OTTs facilitating influx of fresh talent?

A 100 percent. Especially the writing talent that you see emerge with the OTT space is incredible. I’d say that’s followed closely with the acting talent that you’re getting to see. It’s a level playing field. If the content is good, it’ll work, regardless of who’s in it. So, the writer truly is the hero of content on OTT. We say theatre is an actor’s medium, film is a director’s medium. I think the OTT, especially the (long format) show is absolutely the writers’ medium so we’re seeing some incredible writing talent emerge and more power to them. 

A web series next?

100 percent. We’re here to engage with people through our content in whichever way – be it something we create as a big-ticket extravaganza in theatre or something that reaches out to you via OTT. I’m here to engage with you (audience). 

It would be nice to do something that has a certain thriller element to it, I do enjoy that. I don’t do enough of it on screen so that would be kind of nice to do.