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Exclusive! Gulshanara on Cheena Badaam: Director Shieladitya Moulik is my guiding star

Ena Saha and Yash-starrer Cheena Badaam is set to release on June 10 amid controversy

  • Shamayita Chakraborty

Last Updated: 10.23 AM, Jun 09, 2022

Exclusive! Gulshanara on Cheena Badaam: Director Shieladitya Moulik is my guiding star

Director Shieladitya Moulik’s Cheena Badaam is set to hit the theatres on June 10. After the exit of the male lead, Yash, from the promotion plans, producer-actress Ena Saha has been firefighting to release the film as smoothly as possible. Meanwhile, another actress in the film, Gulshanara Khatun, talked to us exclusively about the film and her multiple projects with Shieladitya.

Talking about the film, she said, “I play the character, Anasua, who is Trisha’s (Ena) friend. The character is a jolly and bubbly girl, who loves the app, Cheena Badaam, which is produced by the protagonist. I don’t have a long character. However, Shielada (Shieladitya) called me and told me that though the role is small, she is an important character. Shielada wanted me to be a part of the film and that was good enough for me.”

Cheena Badaam delves into the life of Rishav (Yash), who creates a friend-maker app, Cheena Badaam, which takes the city by storm. Despite the motive of bringing friends together physically, the work pressure creates distance between the protagonist and his friends.

After her journey as a stage actress, young actress Gulshanara has been working in multiple television serials, including SVF’s Prothoma Kadambini and Raj Chakraborty’s Falna. She has a long lineup of projects, including a number of Shieladitya’s directorial works. “Shielada is my guiding star and I listen to his advice. He has always given me the right advice,” she said.

Gulshanara will be seen in Shieladitya’s two films – a full-length feature Lukochuri, with Angana Roy, and a short film Mahakali, with Sudipta Chakraborty. “Besides, I have worked on a feature film, Bijoya Dashami, which is slated to be released on Mahalaya this year. Directed by Shouvik De, the film has Aryann Bhowmik, Rajatava Dutta and Anindya Pulak Banerjee. There is another offer for a television project but nothing is finalised yet,” Gulshanara told us.