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Exclusive! Kumud Mishra: Viewers are recognizing actors and seeing them in newer light thanks to OTT

Kumud Mishra will soon be seen in Imtiaz Ali's Sony LIV web series, Dr. Arora.

Exclusive! Kumud Mishra: Viewers are recognizing actors and seeing them in newer light thanks to OTT
Dr. Arora - Kumud Mishra.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 02.24 PM, Jul 20, 2022


Actor Kumud Mishra is all set to entertain the viewers once again with his web series, Dr. Arora. The actor, who was last seen in Anek, spoke to OTTplay about his journey working with Imtiaz Ali from Rockstar to Dr. Arora and how OTT has helped him and many other artists. This actor also spoke about his experience working with Sidharth Malhotra on Mission Majnu and if Tandav season 2 might actually happen.

Excerpts from the interview…

I recently saw you in Anek, in a shorter role, which was disappointing. Tell me about how that project happened.

(Laughs) You do some films because you want to be a part of the message it wants to convey. There was that reason. Apart from that, I wanted to work with the cast and crew. I really look up to Anubhav Sinha's process and so, I took up that film. The length of my role wasn't important but instead, I wanted to give that character my fullest. I really had fun while working on the project.

From playing Khatana who had an important role in Rockstar to now coming in a show led by you which is created by Imtiaz Ali, yeh toh matlab apne mein hi ek journey hai, nahi?

Definitely. It's a magical and fun journey. I wouldn't say the show is led by me alone. I'm not being humble when I say this. I work in shorter roles because the character has something to contribute, right? Similarly, in Dr. Arora, when you see the characters, you will realize that the story would be incomplete if even one character wasn't a part of it. Every character is as important as mine in this world. I had a lot of fun.

I worked with Imtiaz sir on Rockstar and then I kept waiting to do something again. He also tried to fit me in roles twice or thrice. Since those did not work out, here we are. Look at what an opportunity I got with Dr. Arora! I would like to thank Imtiaz sir with folded hands for that.

Were you somewhere expecting a show like this, since Imtiaz Ali also became associated with the Netflix show, She?

Not really. He just called me up one day and there was no reason for me to have doubts or say no to the project. I readily agreed and read the script and we got onto it. It was very important for me that Imtiaz sir kept me in mind for this project. It's a very difficult character I believe. The world we are in, we live with so many doubts and gaining people's trust is something only Imtiaz sir can do. The beautiful world they have created, this is the magic.

Sir, I told you this the last time also and I don't mind repeating because it is a fact. You are one of those actors who was impressive from the start. Unfortunately though, Bollywood did not consider giving you a lead role till Ram Singh Charlie happened, which co-incidentally was also an OTT and Sony LIV release and now, your second show on OTT and you are the lead already. So, would you say that yahan actors actually bante hai and aaj kal inhi actors ki zyaada fan following toh OTT pe hai?

Definitely. OTT has helped many actors who were waiting for an opportunity sitting at home. They are getting an opportunity and not only that, the viewers are recognizing them and looking at them with a newer perspective. OTT has given everyone a lot. It's a new platform for actors and even directors and writers, who are up for the challenge of narrating newer stories. It's a great space for all the creative people.

I know people who are excited for Dr. Arora to release. The trailer gives a very quirky, happy vibe and knowing the content that Sony LIV produces and Imtiaz Ali delivers, we know and expect that there will be a strong message which will be very subtle. However, if you have to tell me about Dr. Arora, how would you describe both your character and the show?

I can't reveal that because I want to keep the mystery alive for the viewers. I would share that this is a world about men facing erectile dysfunction. Dr. Arora survives in a small town, just like others. How do the characters come together for this journey, is interesting. There's a lot of drama and layers to the story. There isn't a main protagonist and the story revolving around him. This story takes all the characters together. That is its speciality.

Dr. Arora is someone who the youth will be able to relate to. He is very laid-back, takes life as it comes and has sarcasm on point. So, there is a certain relatability factor to him. Thus, would you say that playing this role was easier as compared to your other characters?

It was tougher for me, mainly because I had to consciously make sure that the character is never judging anyone or a situation. He has his own problems. The basic emotions still come naturally but I have my own biases and if someone comes to me with a problem, I need to keep those biases aside and be in the character. As actors, we tend to fall back on our own life experiences. So, I had to play this character very carefully because even normal doctors wouldn't judge you. There is a taboo about sexual health and well-being.

While preparing for my role, I met two doctors as a patient. I wanted to understand how they deal with patients and how they feel when they look at a patient for the first time. That helped me a lot. It was an enriching experience for me as an actor.

Imtiaz Ali recently shared something interesting, that web series usually do not have songs. Dr Arora is not going to conventional way even there because you have Bewafa Mashooka which is a tune that pulls you towards it. So, songs usually are not part of a web series because they could be considered a distraction to the storyline. How does Bewafa Mashooka fit in there? Is it a breezy song, to lighten the mood of the situation or it will tell a story of its own?

It has a story of its own. When you watch the series, you would realize how integrated it is to the story. Imtiaz saab's understanding of music comes from his own journey. It's a very beautiful understanding. You would understand from this song too. He never adds a song just for the sake of it. There is always something about it that is related to the world he creates. This show is also connected to music and so, you have this song in the series too.

You worked with Sidharth Malhotra in Aiyaary and now, he's the Shershaah of B-Town. Toh, what was it working with him this time? Did you see him grow as an actor from the last time and in what sense?

Oh yes, of course. We didn't work together on Aiyaary as much as on Mission Majnu. The most interesting thing with the younger lot is that they are very serious about their craft. They always want to cross their limitations. Every actor hopes to do that. I'm still trying to get there. It is so good to see that. The hardwork comes with the stardom and glamour. It is such a fun experience when you get to work with such actors. I had a lot of fun with Sidharth, seriously.

Is Tandav 2 happening? Any update on that?

I have no idea what the makers are planning. There was a controversy and we would rather not get into that. Nonetheless, I hope to see the second season because it was a good story told in a great manner. Viewers loved season 1 too. I can only hope as an actor to see its second season.

Your upcoming projects?

I had worked on a few projects which are yet to release. There's Mission Majnu, Kuttey, 84, Tripling season 3. I'm also shooting for a film called Empire with Taapsee and Arvind Swamy.