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Exclusive! Lalit Prabhakar: I was very scared of pets before Pet Puraan happened, Geetanjali Kulkarni helped me gain confidence

Lalit also spoke to OTTplay about working with Amey Wagh and Alok Rajwade in Zombivli and Shantit Kranti previously.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 09.37 AM, May 08, 2022

Exclusive! Lalit Prabhakar: I was very scared of pets before Pet Puraan happened, Geetanjali Kulkarni helped me gain confidence
Pet Puraan - Lalit Prabhakar.

Lalit Prabhakar, recently seen in Pet Puraan, tells OTTplay that he was scared of pets before the Sony LIV show happened to him. The actor gained some confidence after living with Geetanjali Kulkarni. By the time Lalit started shooting with Sai Tamhankar, he was confident enough to be around pets but not confident enough to adopt one.

Apart from his journey with pets, Lalit has also grown as an actor through varied projects. He was also seen in Zombivli recently and he has worked with Amey Wagh and Alok Rajwade, both of who have critically acclaimed films in the industry. Here, Lalit talks to us about all of it. Excerpts…

Shantit Kranti and now Pet Puraan. Your choices in web series are definitely interesting. What do you look at while picking a project?

The answer is in your question. I wanted to do something different and so, I kept waiting for a good project. I don't look at my character but the project as a whole and its makers. There has never been a story which focuses on pets out-and-out. Hollywood has a genre about pets. We have that audience in India but not the content. When I got to know that Dnyanesh was making the project, I wanted to work with him and especially because Pet Puraan is a unique project.

Not just web series but we have seen you break the mould even with movies. Recently, you did Marathi's first zombie film, Zombivali. Tell me, how did that happen?

It was the same thing. When we were in lockdown, I heard about the idea. Hearing about the first Marathi zombie film, I felt like if something new is happening, I should be a part of it.

I believe that if you say no to a project, that is when you get a better project. Eventually, you get the kind of work people have seen you in. I have always tried to do something different so filmmakers also see me in that light.

Are you a pet parent in real life? Have you done pet parenting at any given time?

No, I was very scared of pets before this series happened. My friends are shocked and ask me if it is really me.

I haven't been a pet parent. I'd like to narrate an incident. I was living with Geetanjali Kulkarni during lockdown. She has two pets. The chihuahua has kept everyone in fear but I didn't face that problem. We actually became friends. That incident helped me gain confidence to perform in Pet Puraan.

We know that Sai adopted a kitten after the show. Any incident where you felt like adopt a pet?

No, yaar. I don't think I ever can adopt anyone. Many people said that they want to adopt pets but it is a huge responsibility. There needs to be a lot of awareness. I'm not ready for that at this given point.

The pressure of a wedding, having a 'happily married life' and kids being an example of that is something that the society has put since ages. While we do see a change in some place, it isn't there everywhere. Through Pet Puraan, do we see you guys bring the message of live and let live forward?

If that message goes, it is great. I see it as an art form and us telling you a story. There's no pressure of sending a social message but if that happens, then nothing like it. I live around people who are married but don't want kids. It is a practical scenario and quite normal. If the couple consents that they don't want a child, then nobody is obliged to push them to having one.

This, if I'm not wrong, is your first time working opposite Sai, who has a strong graph of her own. What was that like?

We worked together in a film called Medium Spicy but the film's release was delayed. Despite that, our bonding was the same, stronger even. We have worked on other projects too. It's just that Pet Puraan has released before everything.

You worked with Alok Rajwade and Amey Wagh and both their movies are acclaimed on a huge level. What would you say of them as actors and friends, if they did become your friends. I know you and Amey shared a bond but still, tell me more. Also tell me about Alok.

You become friends with people because of work. If I do become friends with them, it is deep. We might not think alike but have a sincere approach towards everything. They have that desire - to do something different. Alok even directs. We would talk a lot. I'm looking forward to working with him.

Films, TV, plays, web series. You have explored everything. Right now, you haven't gone back to TV or plays but is that in the plan or do you want to continue with films and web shows at the moment?

I won't be able to do TV because it needs commitment and is time-consuming and I won't be able to commit that. I could go to plays but let's see. If nothing, then I will direct them.

We hear that Shantit Kranti 2 is in the works. What update do you have?

It is in the writing process. There's no confirmation yet. We only don't have complete clarity on when will it go on floors, let alone when will it release.

What are your upcoming projects?

Medium Spicy will release soon. We will talk about the other projects when they release.