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Exclusive! Maa Kaali actress Raima Sen: I’m not politically affiliated, trolling on the phone is unacceptable to me

Raima Sen has been constantly threatened over her landline. 

Exclusive! Maa Kaali actress Raima Sen: I’m not politically affiliated, trolling on the phone is unacceptable to me
Raima Sen

Last Updated: 07.13 PM, Apr 04, 2024


Raima Sen is the recent victim of celebrity trolling and receiving threatening calls on her landline number. Trolling on social media is not new. Some people adjust themselves to the trend. But Raima faced an unprecedented event this time. She has been constantly threatened over her landline.

Raima Sen's Maa Kaali delves into the 1946 Calcutta Killings

The trolling started with Raima’s new Hindi film, Maa Kaali. It delves into the backdrop of the communal violence of August 16, 1946, known in history as the ‘Direct Action Day’ or ‘1946 Calcutta Killings’. Recently, several posters of the film came out. Reports say that from then on, some unknown people have been constantly calling Raima on her home’s landline and threatening her. The General Election is just around the corner. The film Maa Kaali has been tagged as a propaganda film by several political commentators. Is that the reason behind those threats? 

Raima Sen is in Mumbai

Right now, Raima is in Mumbai. The actress accepted the fact of threatening calls to the media. She told OTTplay, “I am surprised. I never thought such things could happen. They are threatening me in Hindi and Bangla.” She said the language is unprintable. She told the media, “I have been getting these calls. But I would just request people to watch the movie first and then give their opinion. The threats were in line with how she agreed to do the film, being the granddaughter of Suchitra Sen, and sometimes I was reminded that I would have to stay in Kolkata in the future.” Suchitra Sen’s birthday is on April 6. Raima said, “I’m not politically affiliated and don’t intend to get into politics. I have always been away from controversy so this kind of trolling, especially on the phone, is unacceptable to me. I live with my parents in Kolkata and don’t want to disturb their piece of mind.”

Raima said that guessing anything before watching the film is unfair and counterproductive. She told the media, “An artist should act effortlessly in any character. I agreed to do the film because the role was good. Now the matter is getting unnecessarily complicated.” Last year, the film Vaccine War, directed by Vivek Agnihotri and starring Raima, was released. Raima mentioned that film and said, “That time also, many things were written on social media. But people were silent after watching the film. But relentless threats over the phone? Truly speaking, this is the first time in my career.” 

Does Raima or her family want to lodge a complaint with the police? Raima said, “Right now I am taking some days for the teaser and trailer launch of the film. But if the harassment goes on like this, then I have to lodge a complaint.” 

The film is directed by Vijay Yelakanti. Abhishek Singh is also in the film. 

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