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Exclusive! Munawar Faruqui: I could win over Kangana Ranaut because she could see me and my personality

Munawar spoke about his Lock Upp win, host Kangana Ranaut, co-kaidis and more... 

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 03.18 PM, May 12, 2022

Exclusive! Munawar Faruqui: I could win over Kangana Ranaut because she could see me and my personality
Lock Upp - Munawar Faruqui.

Munawar Faruqui, who had a heated argument with both Lock Upp host Kangana Ranaut and comedian Sunil Pal on day one (grand premiere episode), ended up winning the show. He had promised to make everyone on Ekta Kapoor’s show smile but this kaidi also won hearts and the love from Munawar ki janta combined with Kangana’s judgement made him the deserving winner of the trophy. This winner spoke to OTTplay about his win, relations with his co-kaidis, how life changed since his personal life has become public and more. Excerpts…

How long did it take for you to grasp that you have won Lock Upp?

I got the feeling within a minute. The happiness lasted. I'm still processing everything through celebration. I'm very happy.

From Kangana Ranaut dissing your jokes to her appreciating your game, were you confident about this transformation we saw on Lock Upp?

Definitely. When somebody knows you because of a few seconds, their opinions are very different. However, when someone observes you closely and you are someone that people like you, it becomes very easy then. My benefit was there - that she could see me and my personality.

Munawar, during the last episode, you told Anjali that there was a line you did not want to cross with her. What did that mean?

In any relation, there is a boundary and line that shouldn't be crossed because there are other people who are in your life and such a thing could affect that person. It was important for me and Anjali to understand that. We did and I'm happy about it.

You finally made things official but are still somewhere hesitant to talk about your lady love. What is stopping you now?

Nothing's stopping me right now but I don't want to be very open. I want people to know very slowly. We need time for things. Whatever we have, it will be in the public eye anyway.

You shared a very interesting relationship with Kaaranvir Bohra. You both were players on an equal level when in Team Blue but things changed drastically when he came to Team Orange the second time around (when he re-entered). Can you describe what happened?

Saisha (Shinde) had left and then KV did. It is a bad feeling to lose your friend. It hurt me at that point but I was ready for the game the next day. I got comfortable in the game and he re-entered. I had to change my gameplan and got to know he had another intention. So, I just treated him as competition.

Otherwise, you wouldn't mind being friends with him, right?

Not at all. KV bhai mast aadmi hai.

While you have said that you don't like Payal, she was also the most real after you on the show. Do you see the scope of ever being friends with her if you get to know her in the real world?

Payal has cleared that she doesn't have or like friends. I don't have the convincing power to change her mind. I wouldn't want to put those efforts too but you never know. I don't hate or dislike anybody. At the end, it's all good.

Munawar, I know you recently spoke about Sunil Pal's statement but I want to understand this, because you know, at the grand premiere, you spoke like you know each other from outside and all these accusations were thrown at you and it felt like that came with some baggage. Would you like to discuss that?

I didn't know him personally from before. I had only seen his comedy. We never met each other.

You said that you made friends on the show but who would you talk to in real life (from Lock Upp)?

Zeeshan, Azma, Anjali, Saisha, Ali. KV bhai, Mandana. No, not Mandana.

Munawar, a big secret was revealed on Lock Upp. You were married and have a kid. While we get that you might not want to talk about that, has this big secret affected your life in any way? Because we saw Munawar ki janta actually loving your small gestures for your baby boy but has something else happened that you would like to share?

Yes, everything in life is good and you need to move on from where you were once. Whatever is happening, it is good.

Munawar, you are a comedian and we know the real reason behind it - that you have been through and have a lot of pain in your life so you want to spread joy. But Payal constantly said that there is a side to you that the audiences haven't seen (probably your temper). What is that side? Were you afraid to show it because of your childhood trauma?

Payal needs to show me her doctor's degree so I will agree to what she said. The way she spoke that one side of me didn't come out on the show, she behaved like my childhood friend. I am very bindaas and all my sides in front of you.

If she felt that a side didn't come out, that isn't my concern at all. Payal wasn't my audience there nor do I want an audience like her.

Is Munawar going to continue stand-up comedy or delve into acting or producing rap at a full-fledged level or more?

Sab karenge. I will try something every two months.