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Exclusive! My distribution wing is meant to give independent filmmakers a platform: Satya Prakash

The director-producer launched the distribution wing of his banner on Thursday 

Prathibha Joy
Jan 07, 2022
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Satya Prakash, who is already a director and producer, has now turned to distribution too

When D Satya Prakash turned to direction, he had to also fund his own films (with help from a few well-wishers) and was then dependent on the mercy of distributors to get them into theatres. “I have joined hands with producers Prakash Pandeshwar, Manjunath D and Deepak Gangadhar to put together Satya Cine Distributions. Back in the day, when I made Rama Rama Re, I had to invest in it, which repeated with Ondalla Eradalla and my latest, Man of the Match; I have been producing my own films. What happens after that remained a mystery in terms of how the film fared at the box office in multiplexes and single-screen theatres, where and how should a film be released, etc., there were areas that I had no clue about. For filmmakers like me, who make independent cinema, the focus is on content and not star power, so there won’t be a popular name who can be the face of the project and help market it. The biggest challenge for an independent filmmaker is not the actual making, but the process of getting it to theatres. For a while, I have been thinking about trying to understand the aspects of the business of a film once it is with a distributor and then I got some partners who supported my idea. The plan is to not only work out the distribution mechanism of our films, but to provide a platform for young independent filmmakers and give their movies an audience,” explains the award-winning filmmaker.

But won’t it be difficult breaking into this market because it is a well-oiled machinery with some established names already in the business? “If it weren’t for the pandemic, the Kannada film industry churns out close to 300 films a year. Right now, we have probably 6-7 established names in the business of distributing Kannada cinema. How many films can each of them handle? Also, you need to remember that they are businessmen and are looking at making money, for which they prefer pakka massy commercial entertainers. My idea is to focus on independent filmmakers like me, and guide them on the theatre set up, how to promote the films and give them maximum reach. Even if I am not able to actually distribute the film, I will be in a position to explain the whole process to them, make the release plan easier, figure out strategies to minimize their losses, if any, or maximise gain, etc.,” says Satya.

For starters, though, the filmmaker will look at understanding the business of cinema, as he wants to make at least three films a year from his production house. “Making three films in a year is not a big deal, reaching it to your target audience is the bigger challenge, and that is what I have taken up now,” Satya signs off.

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