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Exclusive! Pruthvi Ambaar – Juni may have a tragic vibe similar to Dia, but it is a feel-good film with a happy ending

Pruthvi is very positive about the film, Juni, which tackles dissociative identity disorder as its main plot.

Exclusive! Pruthvi Ambaar – Juni may have a tragic vibe similar to Dia, but it is a feel-good film with a happy ending
Pruthvi Ambaar as Partha in Juni

Last Updated: 02.29 PM, Feb 01, 2024


In the current environment of uncertainty about theatrical release of films, with movies pending as far back as 2022, or earlier even, and film teams pouncing on any available date, getting to reach audiences should be a happy occasion. Kannada actor Pruthvi Ambaar, though, is stuck in a peculiar position; his films are lined up for release, but it’s a problem of too many in too little time. Pruthvi has 3 releases this month, 2 of which will be out on the same day if the stalemate between the teams continues.

Pruthvi Ambaar and Rishika Naik in a still from the film
Pruthvi Ambaar and Rishika Naik in a still from the film

All 3, Juni (Feb 9), For Regn (Feb 23) and Matsyagandha (Feb 23) are films that Pruthvi’s been looking forward to, but even he knows it’s an overdose of him for audiences. “I am hopeful that the teams of the February 23 releases figure out a way to avoid this clash, so that it benefits both,” says Pruthvi, adding, “For now, I am concentrating on Juni, a film that I think, will strike a chord with audiences.” But that is also a challenge, he says, what with 6 new Kannada films, including Juni, hitting theatres that day.

A love story with dissociate identity disorder at its crux

Directed by Vaibhav Mahadev, Juni is a romantic drama with a twist, featuring Pruthvi and Rishika Naik, with the latter playing a character with dissociative identity disorder. She’s both Juni and Mansi and he, as Partha, falls for the former. The trailer of the film, which came out a few days ago, hints at the narrative having a tragic note, much like Pruthvi’s claim-to-fame Dia. “Yes, that is the impression that most have got from the trailer and I don’t blame them, because it has a similar vibe, because of the music and the way it is written. But as a film, plot and character, Juni is not Dia and Partha is not Aadi,” says Pruthvi.


The actor plays a chef in search of love in the film. “There is conflict because of the girl that I then meet and with the parents as well. I think that Nakul’s (Abhyankar) stirring score may give that impression that Juni and Dia are alike, but rest assured, this is a film with a happy ending,” he adds.

Vaibhav, says the actor, wrote the character(s) played by Rishika, based on his personal experiences with a friend who has the disorder. “I think the main subject of Juni will be a USP, which Nakul has amplified beautifully with his score. This is not a film from which I can pick certain elements and create a hype around prior to the release. It’s a total package and one that needs to be experienced. Honestly, it is not easy to promote this film before the release. People have to watch it and I assure that at the end, they will be on an emotional high. It’s got a feel-good effect,” Pruthvi says.

The disorder, adds the actor, gets a lot of careful attention. “The film aims to shine light on the condition and that such people can lead perfectly normal lives. It looks at how it starts and evolves over time. Normally, people with dissociative identity disorder are used in thrillers and horror films, often depicted as psycho killers. So, Juni is a stark departure from what is usually done in cinema. The idea is to show that there should be no stigma attached to it,” Pruthvi signs off.

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