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Exclusive! Rajesh Tailang: I don’t base my character on one reference unless in an autobiography

Rajesh Tailang plays a politician in Vineet Kumar Singh's upcoming web series, Rajneeti: Darr Ki Rajneeti.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 01.35 PM, Jul 28, 2022

Exclusive! Rajesh Tailang: I don’t base my character on one reference unless in an autobiography
Rangbaaz 3: Darr Ki Rajneeti - Rajesh Tailang.

Rajesh Tailang, who was most recently seen in Vidyut Jammwal’s Khuda Haafiz 2, is now ready to showcase his talent again in Rangbaaz season 3, better known as Rangbaaz: Darr Ki Rajneeti. This actor, who has also been a part of shows like Mirzapur, shared that he does not reference his characters to one person alone and he has done the same for Rangbaaz. Rajesh also spoke about the kind of politician he plays on the show, what he has at hand and many other things.

Excerpts from the interview…

Congratulations for back-to-back hits in Dhindora and now Khuda Haafiz 2. What are you feeling like at this given point of time?

Badhiya! My gap was longer since Dhindhora. I could not work a lot because of COVID-19. You will now see me in back-to-back projects. After Dhindora, this is a long gap.

Is your character in Rangbaaz inspired by a real-life politician?

No, not inspired by a single politician. I tried to take many aspects from many politicians. The inspiration is not one politician. I don't like to base my reference on one character unless and until it's an autobiography. Otherwise you limit your character as an actor.

When you see me in Khuda Haafiz 2, you would feel that he is based on Ravish Kumar but he isn't out-and-out like him. That would be limiting as an actor. Thus, I can get inspired by a philosophy and pick up traits from everyone. If you work on an autobiography, then that is a different matter.

Your character Mukul will expose the fodder scam. So, does this mean the show will also show the scam in detail?

You will have to watch the series for that (laughs).

I actually asked you because if you include the fodder scam, which is a big topic in itself, how will that sync with the story of Rangbaaz? Do you feel it can take the limelight over the story?

If there's a political drama, then you will see some political aspects. That's all I can say for now.

This character sounds like he's very chatur and knows politics in-and-out. So, what kind of preparation did it take to become Mukul?

As an actor, I always wanted to play a politician. People find it boring because every actor plays a politician. I never did that and so, I was interested. Also, as an actor, I feel it is a challenging task. The way he thinks - it is more about the brain than heart. It is interesting and challenging as an actor because we focus on emotions and not thoughts. Getting into the mental fabric and thinking about that all the time, as a politician it is interesting to understand whether the person has a facade or is actually feeling what he says. That aspect always attracted me about politicians. I was excited, even if many actors have played politicians.

Also, these actors are seen in out-and-out negative or positive roles. Nobody is that way and so it was interesting to play that character keeping him at the edge. That's what I tried to achieve.

Right now you told me that you need to have a certain mind frame to get into the character. Did it hamper your personal life, in a way that you caught yourself in thoughts you wouldn't usually think?

No, that didn't happen. It can be for a moment that you are in an emotion. The character never overpowers you as a person. You might perform the same mannerism for once but that's where it ends. It's not that if I'm playing a shrewd politician then I would stay that way. That is where the actor's training comes in.

How did Rangbaaz 3 happen to you?

Rangbaaz is an established franchise. Being a part of that was always exciting. It has a brand identity. I also told you that I wanted to play a politician. So, when I heard the story, I was all for it.

Have you followed the previous two shows to understand what this would be like?

I had seen the previous seasons way before joining this show. I saw the first season completely and second season partially. This is a different story, right? This isn't Mirzapur that you do not understand what is happening if you catch up on season 3 before season 1 and 2.

The vibe of Rangbaaz would be the same, right?

Yes, that is there. However, I never had to watch the show to prepare for what is coming or my character.

What is the update on Mirzapur?

The work has begun. We're not sure when will it release yet, though.

Your upcoming projects?

Chatriwale with Rakul Preet and one more series that doesn't have a confirmed title yet.