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Exclusive! Ravi Kishan: I wanted to study law so I could debate over subjects better in the parliament

Ravi Kishan spoke to OTTplay about Matsya Kaand, his upcoming series The Whistleblower, how it is different from Emraan Hashmi's Why Cheat India and more.

Exclusive! Ravi Kishan: I wanted to study law so I could debate over subjects better in the parliament
Ravi Kishan - The Whistleblower.

Last Updated: 08.57 PM, Dec 13, 2021


Soon after Matsya Kaand, Ravi Kishan is all set for his next project, The Whistleblower. Based on scams in education, Ravi got nostalgic about his academic days. The actor told OTTplay that he wished to study harder. Upon probing him further, Ravi also revealed that he would have loved to study law in order to have stronger debates in the parliament. For the uninitiated, actor Ravi Kishan is also a member of the Lok Sabha from Gorakhpur.

He also spoke to us about how his character in The Whistleblower has a revenge story, experience working with Ritwik Bhowmik and how the story is different from Emraan Hashmi's Why Cheat India. Excerpts...

Matsya Kaand and now The Whistleblower. You are striking quite the innings especially on OTT, don't you think?

God has been really kind. I never thought I will have this inning and that it will start with a big hit like Matsya Kaand and now, The Whistleblower. I'm very happy finally, after a long time. In fact, I was waiting for a huge success in Hindi. Bhojpuri, Telugu and other industries gave me big success. I was waiting for my performance to come to light. Thank God that OTT started.

How different and similar is this role from what you did in Matsya Kaand?

Oh, this is completely different. Jayraj is 360 degrees North or South from ACP Tejraj. It's going to surprise all my fans and whoever loved me in Matsya Kaand as a cop. Here, I am a smart player. People will have fun. He is a colourful guy, entertaining and has his own different style of taking revenge. The show is very entertaining but the performances are intense. It has good actors. It will be a lot of fun. It's a good show with a good team and is well shot. So I'm very happy for The Whistleblower.

Your character appears to be that of a professor here. However, you obviously aren't a professor with morals, considering the plot. So what was your point of reference for the character?

He's not a professor. He is someone who has a mission and revenge story. Bachpan ka usko anger hai and he wants to earn money. He's on his own journey. It's a very different character but not a professor for sure. You have to wait and watch. You'll either love him or hate him, that's for sure.

What was the point of reference? Was there any real-life reference?

There are many ambitious people you meet in life. When I was struggling, I kept the characters at the back of my mind. Those characters have come out in The Whistleblower. You'll see lovely shades of how people go through any crazy ride while chasing their dreams. People will have a lot of fun. The character will entertain them a lot.


The trailer and teaser talk about scams in education. Emraan Hashmi's Why Cheat India dealt with the same topic. So, how different would you say The Whistleblower is from that movie?

There are a number of events in The Whistleblower. There is media coverage in depth. There is colourful packaging too. Emraan Hashmi's film was one track and one journey. Here, there are a number of incidents around human psychology and incidents. This man is completely different, so I wouldn't compare the two projects. People will love seeing the performances in Mr. Pillai's directorial.

What attracted you to the script?

I never played this character before. It is so colourful. He is so stylish, wears good clothing and is colourful himself. He is a small-town man who becomes a millionaire. He's very knowledgeable and preaches too. He's very sorted as well. He's on his journey and has his past. Like I mentioned, there is also revenge, hurt and betrayal. He is someone who needs to make money as well as take revenge. He keeps the revenge story alive.

Every human goes through these emotions where they feel hurt or betrayed. As an actor, did you go back and recall the experiences for a more realistic portrayal?

No, thank God I never had jealousy and insecurity in my life. I'm a spiritual person. I'm well-read and connected to Lord Shiva. So, I feel happy for everyone who is doing well and know that even my days will come. I have a very positive approach towards life. It never shattered or finished me. I didn't turn into a bad person or have negative energy because of that. I believe that positive energy helps you. As an actor, you should never feel insecure, jealous or vengeance. They finish you. It is why I kept myself away from this rubbish and was always around a positive aura which can be seen on the screen too. I practice those emotions in real life too.

Who all did you get to work with, in the series?

Ritwik Bhowmik. I had most of my scenes with him. Then I worked with Sachin Khedekar. All of them are theatre actors and good performers. I especially had great fun with Ritwik.

Have you seen Ritwik's previous works?

Yes. I loved him in Bandish Bandits. He's so good. The intensity he had in his eyes was brilliant. He worked opposite Naseeruddin sir. I saw the show in one go.

You generally have a good mix of more raw and some sophisticated web series on OTT. Was that a conscious decision to explore both types of genres?

The Whistleblower came to me now. They say when God supports you, things fall your way. So, there was no plan that Matsya will become a massive hit and then, The Whistleblower will also release. I completed Matsya and started shooting for The Whistleblower. So it's just that the two hits are releasing back to back.

If you could go back in time and change something, what would that be?

I wanted to be a scholar. When I sit in the parliament, I feel like I should have studied hard. It's fine, though. God has his own plans. I believe everything is just about time.

When you say you wanted to study hard, did you mean you wanted to pursue a career in some other field before acting?

I wanted to be a good student who would study well. I wish that I could debate more strongly in the parliament. I am doing so but I want to do it more strongly.

What would you have studied if you got the option to study something?

Law. I wanted to study Law.

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