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Exclusive! Subhashree Ganguly on Habji Gabji: I have learnt important parenting tips from the film

The actress opens up about her director husband Raj Chakrabarty and co-actor Parambrata Chatterjee

  • Shamayita Chakraborty

Last Updated: 06.23 PM, Jun 02, 2022

Exclusive! Subhashree Ganguly on Habji Gabji: I have learnt important parenting tips from the film
Subhashree Ganguly in a still from Habji Gabji

Raj Chakrabarty’s Habji Gabji will be released on June 3. The film that features Subhashree Ganguly and Parambrata Chatterjee in lead delves into the life of a child who suffers from gaming disorder – a medical condition of obsessive addiction to mobile games. It was during the shooting of the film in 2020 that Shubhashree got pregnant and she gave birth to Yuvaan in September 2020. Along with her husband Raj, the actress has been balancing the role of a doting mother and a successful actress. In an exclusive chat with OTTPlay, she talked about how the film impacted her parenting pattern, how she disengages with her mobile phone and why she would love to work under Parambrata’s direction again.

Excerpts below:

Did you gather any parenting tips from the film story?

Yes, of course. I got to know about gaming disorders and the intensity of the medical condition while our team was conducting research. We kept on interacting with psychologists. I got a fair idea of what gaming disorder could do to our life. The film was an eye-opener. Had I not worked on the film, I would have given Yuvaan my mobile phone to play with more promptly. Now Raj and I both try to find substitutes for mobile phones for Yuvaan.

Did the film encourage you to stay away from your mobile phone?

Digital detox was a conscious call that I took. It was a stay away from my phone anyway and I am not addicted to it. My phone stays on silent mode. My family members know how to reach me – they have my landline number and they often call Raj in case of an emergency to reach me. My media friends and fraternity members drop me a text and I call them back. I spend more time with Yuvaan and my family.

What is the difference between director Raj and family man Raj?

I would rather emphasise the common ground. Raj is a passionate man in whatever he does. As a director, producer, husband, father and son – he is completely focused on every role he plays. I guess that’s why he can multitask so easily.