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Exclusive! Upasana Singh: I never went out of work, did three shifts on the contrary

Upasana Singh would play Boman Irani's wife in Disney+Hotstar's upcoming show, Masoom.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 03.02 PM, Jun 15, 2022

Exclusive! Upasana Singh: I never went out of work, did three shifts on the contrary
Upasana Singh (Instagram).

Soon to be seen in Disney+Hotstar’s Masoom, Upasana Singh revealed that she never went out of work. In an exclusive interview with OTTplay, the actress said that she has worked in three shifts. Upasana spoke about her experience working in the industry for years at a stretch, her OTT debut with Masoom and more. Excerpts…

We know and love you as a TV actress. So tell me, how has the switch to OTT been for you?

This is my debut on OTT. I have never worked here before. I have worked in films, TV shows, reality shows even and also theatre but this is my first project on OTT. I'm really happy to start with Masoom because it's a pretty beautiful web series.

This character is in a way central but central like a Kareena Kapoor Khan in Talaash. She unveils a secret after not being constantly present. Is that the kind of role you were looking for, for your OTT debut?

When they told me about the role and when you watch the series, you will know that the role is worth it. It is actually great for any actor who loves performances and gets satisfaction by doing that. When I was offered the roles and saw my scenes, they were brilliant and so, I agreed to do the show. I knew the project is huge. It isn't necessary that you are present in every scene but no matter how much you work, it should be worth it. I feel my role is like that but I would wait to see how the audience accepts my role.

From what we see, nobody in Masoom is 'masoom'. Would you say the same about your character?

You will have to watch the series for that. If I tell you now, then it will be a spoiler. I have a dialogue which hints that nobody can be innocent. My character is different for my kids and different for my profession. There's a reality on the show but watch out for who isn't masoom.

Masoom is also the name of a very iconic movie. Was there some reference to that in the show?

No, not at all. We remember the baby when we think about Masoom. Here, the masoom is related to a person's conscience. The two projects aren't related at all.

You have been here for many years but very few projects give actors an opportunity to shine when it comes to TV or films. Do you believe that has changed with web series and web films being introduced?

I have been lucky in that aspect. I have worked in lead roles in my debut only. I was studying and worked on four films that were heroine-oriented. I found Judaai and Abba Dabba Jabba became iconic. Sonpari became iconic. I have worked as characters that people still recall. I played bua in Comedy Nights With Kapil. I got different kind of roles and people liked me.

However, you are right in stating that the films and series are completely different from OTT. In the older times, hero and heroine were the focus. The character artists had 8-10 scenes at max and they were at the risk of being edited if there needs to be a cut in the film.

With OTT, now a character artist can also be a hero or heroine. If someone is playing a father, he can still be the hero of the web series. Previously, there was the culture of hero, heroine, vamp, villain, comedia. Thanks to OTT, things have become more realistic. I feel it is a great change.

With the bloom of OTT, do you believe that the power has shifted from stars to content and thus, now actors have better opportunities because of the platform?

Yes, definitely. So many good actors were sitting at home but got work thanks to OTT. Can there be anything better?

You were associated with Comedy Nights and now that The Kapil Sharma Show has come to an end, do you want to comment on that?

Many people ask me if I had a fight with him but I would like to clarify that is not the case. We never fought and are in fact good friends even today. The Punjabi film I have bankrolled, Kapil has given voiceover and sings a song in the film.

We never fought but I did not find too much to explore with my role and so, we parted ways. I wanted to do something meaty.

All my best wishes with them. Many of my friends are a part of the show. It's a great show. God bless, it should stay superhit.

Upasana, sustaining as an actor for so many years in a medium that doesn't always reward you would definitely be tough. How did you always pick yourself up and just go back in the game?

I worked as a heroine when I was 21-22. My first film was a character role. After that, I worked in Badal, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and a lot of other films. I explored action, comedy and even romance. For me, I never stuck to doing one thing. Some heroines do not want to explore apart from lead roles and beyond Bollywood. That was not the case with me. I have worked in almost all language films from India. I'm also a stage artist and I explore all the mediums, right? I'm also producing a Punjabi film now. I have also directed a film. I have opened up so many opportunities for myself that if I don't work in one field, then I do in another. I have nearly 35 Punjabi films, 45 Bhojpuri films and even 12, Gujarati films. Because I explore so much, I have never sat at home. On the contrary, I have worked in three shifts. This is my hobby and passion. I love this work and so, I don't get tired. Many take retirement but not me. I am addicted to acting. It gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Was there ever a time when you went out of work?

Not really, except during COVID-19 lockdown. I still worked on my script at that time. I worked on my two Punjabi films during the time. Thankfully, I haven't gone out of work so far and hope that I keep working till my last breath.