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Gopichand Interview - Bhimaa is a unique commercial film with semi-fantasy elements attached to it | Exclusive

Gopichand Interview - The Bhimaa star talks about his new action drama that is all set to hit the screens on March 8, 2024. 

Gopichand Interview - Bhimaa is a unique commercial film with semi-fantasy elements attached to it | Exclusive
Gopichand in Bhimaa

Last Updated: 01.53 PM, Mar 05, 2024


Gopichand's last film Ramabanam was a massive flop at the box office. He is now ready with Bhimaa, a cop drama directed by Harsha. He speaks to us about the film, its highlights, future projects, a film with Prabhas and much more.

What went wrong with your previous film Ramabanam?

The film faltered in its execution big time. I came to know this within the first month of the shoot itself. Though the story of the film is old, the presentation had to be new, and sadly, Ramabanam did not have anything new to showcase. We believe in the scripts and go ahead and sometimes, things do not work out the way the directors narrate the story to us.

How did the project Bhimaa materialize?

One of the co-producers of the film introduced me to the director Harsha. He narrated me a different script and I revealed my wish to do a cop drama. Harsha took a seven-month break and came back with the story of Bhimaa. Apart from the cop drama, the semi-fantasy element attracted me a lot and I went ahead with the project and here we are with the release of the film.


In all the promotional events, you have given bold speeches, are you that confident about the film?

Yes, with Bhimaa I am very confident. In all my previous films in the last few years, Bhimaa has a solid storyline, backdrop, and proper commercial elements that will impress one and all. The semi-fantasy element and my two distinct avatars will surely please the audience. I have watched the film during my dubbing and I also feel that the fun factor will also be one of the assets of the film. Director Harsha has done a sensible job with the film. 

Tell us about Ravi Basrur's work in Bhimaa?

Our director Harsha is a close friend of Ravi Basrur and they have worked hard on the film. As the film has a semi-fantasy element, Ravi Basrur's work will be one of the highlights. The way he has elevated the action blocks to another level altogether will be a thrilling ride for the audience.

About the much-hyped film with Prabhas?

During the pre-release event, everyone was shouting Prabhas' name, and to make them happy, I just said there would be an update soon. Prabhas and I have been very close friends for a long time and always want to do a film together. If the subject is nice and I have a solid role, I will not mind doing a negative role in a Prabhas film or any other star as a matter of fact.


You have been blamed for doing only commercial films when that genre is getting outdated?

In my opinion, commercial films will never get outdated. It is a part and parcel of Telugu cinema. The directors need to crack a code and if they showcase the story in a new format with the same old songs and dances, the film will be a huge hit. I will not stop doing such films as I am known for them. My next film Bhimaa is also in that genre but a semi-fantasy element has been attached to it and will impress everyone.

Working with a flop director like Sreenu Vaitla for your next?

One should not forget that Sreenu Vaitla was a star director in the past. Though he has given a few flops, one should not write him off. We have completed 30% of the shoot already and the film has come out quite well. There are rumors that the film has hit a roadblock, there is no truth in it and we will start the shoot once again after the release of Bhimaa.

Bhimaa poster
Bhimaa poster
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