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Gullak 4's Geetanjali Kulkarni - 'I am a middle-class person and believe in saving...' | Exclusive

In an exclusive interview with OTTplay, Gullak 4 actress Geetanjali Kulkarni called herself a middle-class person. The actress revealed she leads a minimalistic lifestyle.

Gullak 4's Geetanjali Kulkarni - 'I am a middle-class person and believe in saving...' | Exclusive
Geetanjali Kulkarni. (Courtesy - Instagram)

Last Updated: 12.26 PM, Jun 08, 2024


Geetanjali Kulkarni is back with a new season of her beloved web show, Gullak. She plays the role of Shanti Mishra in Shreyansh Pandey's Gullak 4, which chronicles the life of middle-class Mishra family residing in a small town. The senior actress has been an integral part of Gullak since its inception and people have found her character very relatable. When OTTplay interviewed Geetanjali, the actress said she feels she is a middle-class person.

Geetanjali Kulkarni on leading a minimalistic lifestyle

In conversation with us, Geetanjali Kulkarni spoke about leading a minimalistic lifestyle, like any middle-class person. "I feel like I am a middle-class person. Mera bank balance bhi utna nahi hain aur meri rehne ki lifestyle bhi vaisi (lavish) nahi hain. I lead a very minimalistic life. I believe in saving money and reusing things. I feel it is a very important trait. I don't ridicule it at all and I am not cynical about it," said Geetanjali.

The veteran actress further mentioned, "Of course, when I was young, I didn't respect it. But today, I understand it. When my parents would earlier ask me to switch off the lights, I used to get irritated. I used to feel why are they nagging me every time."

However, Kulkarni has realised that it is an important thing. "So I believe in it (being minimalistic) and everybody should do that. In today's world, we have to do that because there is so much consumption of everything. We have to be minimalistic and we have to understand that we cannot splurge so much money. We cannot splurge resources that are available to us. We have to do (things) like middle-class people do. I am middle-class and I don't feel I belong to any elite class."

Geetanjali Kulkarni in Gullak 4


Meanwhile, Geetanjali's performance as Shanti Mishra has once again impressed people. Women, especially, resonate with the actress' character of a mother in Gullak 4. The series is now available for streaming on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium.

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