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Harleen Sethi: For me, my The Gone Game 2 character is heroic

Harleen Sethi is best remembered for her role in Broken But Beautiful.

Jul 04, 2021
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Harleen Sethi.

Harleen Sethi, best remembered for her stint in AltBalaji’s Broken But Beautiful, where she was paired opposite Vikrant Massey, has now taken up a role in Voot’s upcoming web series The Gone Game 2. The actress will be seen in the role of a CBI officer investigating The Gujral case.

She spoke to OTTplay exclusively about the show, her experience shooting with the likes of Sanjay Kapoor and Shweta Tiwari, her update on The Test Case 2 and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

What prompted you to take up The Gone Game 2?

I saw Gone Game and was pretty mindblown by the work done during the lockdown. The direction, performances, lighting, music - it came together very well in the mini series. When season 2 was offered to me, it’s such a credible project with a good team and actors, so why would you say no? Also, my character is also very interesting. I play a CBI inspector who investigates the scam which happens in season 1. It’s a very new part for me. As an actor and woman, I want to play stronger parts and grab the opportunity if it’s offered to me. That was definitely an important reason to go for this show.

You have started shooting for the show. What has your experience been like?

It’s been great, mainly because of our director Abhishek Sengupta. The producers have done a great job creating a bio-bubble. So we’re all put up in hotels. The art directors have done a great job in the sense that everyone comes in the bio-bubble and shoots. If you walk out of that bio-bubble, you have to get tested and come back. Everybody has taken as much precaution as possible.

You mentioned that your role is very different from what you have played previously. However, you have a similar role in The Test Case 2. So how are the two different?

We haven’t started shooting for the series yet. I will begin shooting for that after The Gone Game. So this show is actually the first time I am playing a character that is different from everything else I have done, which was more girl-next-door. This is a part where I come with a strong professional background. It is where I have the authority that the characters are scared that I am visiting their house. Broken was low-status, but The Gone Game is so high-status that it’s versatile and challenging for me. I work with such good actors - Vikrant in Broken and now all of these amazing actors in The Gone Game. It’s fun to be or at least try to be at my best as an actor.


From what you have shot yet, what is the feeling that you are getting about the series and the direction it is going in?

We all love the director. He has so much clarity of his vision. It is a director’s medium, especially because he’s seeing it from the edit point of view too. We’re trusting and surrendering to him. We’re all just happy with everything happening on sets. Let’s wait and watch.

Did you have to do any special preparation for the character?

It happens with every character. I had to understand the exams they give, what their background is, basic level of graduation, how long does it take to reach a position in the CBI, how much do they earn and the likes. I also got to learn so much. Coming to the storyline, me and the director had great jam sessions on how we want the character to be. It feels like a baby. We’ve just started shooting. I was anxious on the first day. My first shot was with Shweta, Sanjay Kapoor sir and Ruksaar ma’am, where I’m interrogating them. We found the sur of the character in the first scene. Right from the way she sits to the way she talks, tilting her head, we got down to every last detail. After the first scene, the director told me we have got the sur of the character.

How is the character going to fit in with the current storyline and cast? Do we expect an entry with a bang?

For me, it’s a heroic character. The first scene is special for me, but I don’t think it’s a heroic entry. There’s something about the character that’s very attractive. We’re all trying to create something new and different. It’s always trial-and-error, right? We’re hoping that our efforts will be accepted and loved by the audiences. We’re at the experimentation stage.

So, if I’m not wrong, you will be there in the series from the first episode itself and not enter mid-way?

You watch it and then tell me. I wouldn’t want to disclose too much since she’s an interesting addition to the cast. I’m really excited.

What are your upcoming projects? Any film offers?

The lines have become blurred for me too and I’m looking at content. I want to see if I can pull off different genres like comedy, horror, action and everything else. I’m here to learn and grow every single day.

I am in talks but not finalizing anything. I will start shooting for The Test Case 2 once The Gone Game 2 is over. Then I’m just waiting to see how it goes because we never know if there will be a third wave, right?

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