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Is Kota Factory Season 4 possible? Jitendra Kumar and Pratish Mehta talk about the trajectory it should take - Exclusive!

Kota Factory season 3 dropped on Netflix this week and it turns out the team already has an idea to approach season 4; find out. 

Is Kota Factory Season 4 possible? Jitendra Kumar and Pratish Mehta talk about the trajectory it should take - Exclusive!
Will Kota Factory Have Season 4?

Last Updated: 02.09 PM, Jun 23, 2024


The world is currently busy obsessing over the brilliance of Kota Factory season 3, now streaming on Netflix. The show, now in its third season with two very successful ones in the past, has ventured into an interesting chapter in the lives of its characters. The mystery surrounding the possibility of a season four is quite intense. The storyline has concluded but has also left open ends, allowing the creators to potentially revisit the IP and bring another season, as the third season has definitely left the audience wanting more. When the director of season 3, Pratish Mehta, sat down with Jitendra Kumar and Tillotama Shome to discuss the show, we asked them about the possibility of a season 4. 

Kota Factory Season 4 Possible?

In an exclusive conversation with OTTplay, director Pratish Mehta and actors Jitendra Kumar and Tillotama Shome spoke about various aspects. They discussed how Kota Factory has given hope to many people across the country, how making the show answers many questions in life, and, most importantly, whether a season 4 is possible. Read on to know what the director and Jitendra Kumar have to say about this.

In our exclusive conversation, we asked the team if they envision Kota Factory continuing into season 4. Director Pratish Mehta said, “I still think that whatever process we have followed so far, we will try to be as relatable as possible and tell the story of what our students and teachers feel. We have been walking on the same trajectory. If the show is sanctioned for a fourth season, we will indeed follow the same path and make it as relatable as possible. Our audience, the ones who are now in the Kota pool, and the ones who have passed out of it, that is the best part about Kota Factory.”

He added, “Even now, when I read the comments, there are people who during season one were preparing for the IIT entrance and now have graduated. Some have managed to crack it, some haven't, but they all can relate to that journey. So even if there is another season, I am sure those who are doing it, and those who have done it, will all be able to relate to this show.”

Kota Factory lead Jitendra Kumar added, “I think it is very important to explore that reality with every season. To go there and observe how things are changing, how they are evolving, and how to include them in our stories. It also engages people while being articulate; the research is included in the story in that way. So I think that is what the show must continue, and we will keep pushing ourselves to bring new things for you.”

About Kota Factory Season 3

Kota Factory season 3 now moves towards D-day. Meena, Meenal, Vaibhav, Vartika, Uday, and Shivangi are all set to appear for their final exams. But there is more. Jeetu Bhaiya has not been himself for a while, and that is bothering everyone around him. What is exactly happening with him? Is there a sad end to all of this? What does Tillotama Shome's entry mean? Everything is answered in the season.


Kota Factory season 3 hit Netflix on June 20, 2024. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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