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Lock Upp Exclusive! Poonam Pandey: If Kangana Ranaut says she has seen a talent in me, people should respect that

Poonam Pandey spoke about her kaidis getting offended because she kept bagging highest votes by stripping.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 02.35 PM, May 05, 2022

Lock Upp Exclusive! Poonam Pandey: If Kangana Ranaut says she has seen a talent in me, people should respect that
Lock Upp - Poonam Pandey.

Poonam Pandey has been evicted from Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Upp. Many kaidis, including Prince Narula, have made fun of her profession stating that since she strips, she receives numerous votes and thus, will become the winner. Talking to OTTplay about the incident and more, Poonam said that people should give her more respect if even the host Kangana has appreciated her talent.

Excerpts from the interview…

Congratulations for making it to the finale week. Not everybody got there.

Thank you. I'm super proud of myself for making it so far.

You are finally out of the house. What's the feeling like?

I was there without a phone in a place where there were fights and so many emotions. I can't believe I'm out. This is my house but it felt like that was a house. I'm still trying to gather the reality. I'm trying to tell myself that was the reality show and this is the reality. I got this experience and am quite grateful for it.

People were upset about you abusing a lot. It is probably you in real life and everybody does abuse but do you stand by your behaviour on the show?

No, I'm not like that in real life. Not at all. I was just talking to somebody about how I saw my friends giving gaalis and ended up giving it too. It was literally that stupid and honest to tell you this. I don't even fight with anyone, let alone abuse them. I don't remember my last fight with anybody. I'm not the kind of girl who doesn't apologize or make truce with my friends. I've just seen love apart from my personal life. I don't regret it (actually, I do). I need to learn from people to not be honest sometimes.

Now while even Kangana has defended you saying that if you want to strip to get votes, you can do it. However, the kaidis, who left and who are in the house, felt it was unfair to them. What would you say?

If that's something the kaidis think, it's their point of view. I can't judge or comment on that but if you ask my point of view, it was absolutely fair and obvious for me. What I like about Kangana ma'am is that she's a talented actress and if she has seen a talent in me, people should respect that. A lot of people might not have got votes and they were out of the jail. If I'm getting votes by doing something that I think is right for me, then I'm getting the votes and I was there till the 10th week while others got locked out. This is all about humans complaining a lot. We're very talented in that aspect and don't want to think that we can also be wrong. You mentioned KV and I accepted my mistake. Not many people do that which is unfortunate that many don't have the quality. I can sleep peacefully at night because I have that quality.

When the media came, they also felt confused because on one side you are a bold personality and not just with your action but also words and on the other hand, you asked others to behave. So what was it?

The last two weeks I was in sadma and the makers did a fab job in pulling me out of it. I would go into the zone that I have pain and then I would remember everything that happened with me. I know it's wrong in so many levels but I was getting there. It pains like crazy and you can't do anything about it. The show makers took care of me so I'm grateful.

Isn't there a solution or a treatment for it?

My smell sense has gone. With the brain haemorrhage, I have lost my sense of smell completely. I literally would take shower thrice and brush four times. I kept asking people if everything is okay with me. When I feel helpless, I do go there. When I can't taste my food, I arrive there.

I spoke to all the doctors and all they say is that I've lost that sense forever. Look at my age and I have my entire life to eat bland food. I would do it happily because I want to keep myself as happy as I can. If I cry, then I know where I go so I prefer to crack jokes.

In the end, even Saisha played a game with you. Do you think despite that you can be friends with her or anybody else from Lock Upp in real life after that?

Saisha for sure. I like her vibe. She's amazing. Not just her, everybody. Whatever they did, they were playing. I wouldn't want Anjali's nasty behaviour in my real life. The backstabbing to that extent is something I haven't faced or want to. I wouldn't mind talking to her or even being friends with her but I can't trust her.

That's the case with Munawar too...

We could tell each other something but I don't think he's nasty to that level. He won't be the kind of person to kill somebody and move forward. He plays his game but he's a level of nasty. Everyone is nasty but that's the game.

How would you say your journey was? Was it fruitful? What kind of response have you received?

I've received badass responses from my family, friends and media too. Nobody expected anything from me. I'm honoured to be on the show and be as badass as I could. I'm sitting, chilling, happy and hope everyone is happy with my performance and I get more work to prove myself.

Have things worked out for you? Are you offered projects?

I was on a call with my agent. I have got some nice offers. He told me to take a chill till the finale and then we'll start the making. My meetings will be on.

What are your future plans? Do you want to do more reality shows, films, OTT?

I'm focusing on OTT, films and item songs. I'm open to all sorts of work. If I'm okay for the job, I'm okay for the work. I'm okay if I get Bigg Boss. I'm looking forward to do more web series, reality shows, great films and scripts.

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