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Mangalavaram director says Allu Arjun loved the unexpected twists in the film; here's what the Pushpa star said

Mangalavaram is director Ajay Bhuptahi's latest thriller that will release on November 17, 2023. Payal Rajput plays the female lead and Ajaneesh Loknath of Kantara fame composes the music.

Mangalavaram director says Allu Arjun loved the unexpected twists in the film; here's what the Pushpa star said

Ajay Bhupathi

Last Updated: 04.04 PM, Nov 16, 2023


Director Ajay Bhupathi started his career with the hit film RX100. His second film, Maha Samudram, was a big flop at the box office. He is now ready with his new film, Mangalavaram, which is all set to release on November 17, 2023. He speaks to us about the unique backdrop, Payal Rajput's performance, working with the likes of Ajaneesh Loknath, and much more. Here is the transcript.

Mangalavaram's story has a connection with my hometown

Ajay Bhupathi is attempting a dark thriller with Mangalavaram and when asked how the story was born, he says, "I am from a small village, and the night backdrop in the fields and barren lands used to scare me. From the day I became a director, I always wanted to make a film in night mode. When Managalavaram's idea came to my mind, the backdrop of my own village was the perfect setting to set the film. Mangalavaram is based in a village where crazy incidents take place every Tuesday."

Payal Rajput
Payal Rajput

Mangalavaram is not based on true incidents

Ever since the trailer was released, there has been news that Mangalavaram is based on real incidents that happened in the Konaseema region of Andhra Pradesh. Ajay clears the air and says the film is not based on true incidents or a biopic. It is a fictional story set against the backdrop of realistic characters.

Mangalavaram is a true pan-India film

The dark thriller is being released in Hindi and all the southern languages. When asked about the same, Ajay says, "The moment we released the teaser, we found buyers from all over. Even though the budget of the film is just Rs 20 crore, the film has done much higher business and the producers are already in the profit zone".


Payal Rajput's performance will shock you

Ajay Bhupathi introduced Punjabi actress Payal Rajput to Telugu cinema with RX100 which was a rage at the box office. He has teamed up with her once again and says Payal's performance in Mangalavaram will shock you. Adding further, he says, "When I narrated the story to Payal, she agreed to do the film despite the challenges involved. The original idea was to cast a new face but as Payal showed interest, I did test shoots and cast her without any reservations".

There is no skin show in Mangalavaram

Payal Rajput played a bold role in RX100 and was seen sharing multiple romantic scenes with her co-star. As Ajay and Payal have teamed up, there is a curiosity that there will also be a lot of bold scenes. When asked the same, Ajay says that there is no skin show and vulgarity in Mangalavaram and emotions are what make the difference in the film.


Ajaneesh Loknath's work will be remembered for a long time

Ajay Bhupathi lauds music director Ajaneesh Loknath for his splendid work. "He has done a superb job with the music score. The song 'Ganagana Mogalira' will take the audience into a trance. He has taken the film to the next level with his background score and his work for Mangalavaram will be remembered for a long time to come".

Allu Arjun loved the story of Mangalavaram

Ajay also revealed that he met Allu Arjun after the success of RX100 and the star hero praised his work. "When I narrated the script of Managalavaram, Bunny loved it and told me he would want to associate with the film somehow. That is one of the reasons he came to the pre-release event. He knows the entire story and is super excited to see how the audience will embrace the climax", says Ajay.

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