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Neru actor Sankar Induchoodan explains why he loved staying in the film’s set for longer hours | Exclusive

Speaking in an interview with OTTplay, Sankar shared his experience working in Neru and his upcoming projects.

Neru actor Sankar Induchoodan explains why he loved staying in the film’s set for longer hours | Exclusive

Sankar Induchoodan | Photo: Instagram/ sankar.induchoodan

Last Updated: 07.40 PM, Dec 26, 2023


The audience is praising Jeethu Joseph's Neru greatly for its gripping story and outstanding performances. The actor who portrayed Michael in the film, Sankar Induchoodan, is also soaking up the praise for his portrayal of Micheal in this courtroom drama.

The actor, who made his debut in films with Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu, has acted in over seven Malayalam movies, including Edakkad Battalion 06 and Autorsha. Speaking in an interview with OTTplay, Sankar shared his experience working in Neru and his upcoming projects.


You are a lawyer specialised in cybercrime. How did the desire to act in films come up?

I was a law student when I was given the chance to act in Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu. I had fun working on it, and it felt like a dream. I had also worked on a few other films, although the characters in those films had less screen time. All of it was a result of my strong desire to continue acting in movies. I had to turn down a number of opportunities because it was difficult for me to balance my studies and films, and I was unable to travel much because of college attendance problems.

Since I was young, I have loved acting. I participated in theatre in both college and school. I used to never miss an opportunity to watch any drama events taking place in town. I participated in several acting workshops and auditions before being cast in these films. In addition to acting, I love to travel and do not miss any chance to see new locations. It brings me serenity.

Can you share your experience while sharing the screen with Biju Menon for your first shot?

I had the good fortune to work with Biju Menon on my first film. His easy transition into the role improved my comprehension and performance in Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu.

How was it working in Jeethu Joseph’s Neru?

On WhatsApp, Jeethu sir sent me a voice message about the movie and my role. It was an incredible moment, and I was thrilled to be joining Neru. Jeethu Sir had faith in me, and I wanted to do the character justice by performing a convincing act. Overall, Jeethu Sir was clear about the results he was looking for. I received a lot of assistance from Santhi Chechi and Jeethu Sir's wife, Linda Ma'am, in order to fully embrace the role. Understanding Michael was emotionally taxing, and I had to strike the right balance without going too far. Working with Jeethu Sir was beneficial for me as an actor, and it makes me happy to hear that people enjoyed my performance after seeing my character on screen.

Were you nervous while Neru was being filmed, especially with so many experienced actors performing in it?

It was a heartfelt experience, even though I was a little nervous, to see all the veteran actors on the sets. I used to talk for a long time with Ganesh Sir, Jagadish Sir, and Priyamani. They used to talk about their experiences and funny stories from their previous sets. I was more or less like a student on the set, and their words of appreciation had inspired me as well.

In an interview, you stated that on certain days, you would remain on the set even if you did not have a scene. For what reason was it?

Indeed! I used to enjoy spending time on the set, which was somewhere around the courtroom's corner, to watch performances by Mohanlal and other actors. Every film aspirant’s dream is to work with Mohanlal, and I count myself fortunate to have had the opportunity. Seeing him transform into Vijayamohan is truly remarkable. Observing him motivates us to improve as actors.

During the success meet, you also praised Anaswara's performance in the movie. Could you tell us about your experience seeing her become Sara?

The most difficult character in this movie is Sara, who gives it more emotional heft. It was fascinating to watch her evolve into the character, paying attention to small details. Her performance in Neru has me completely enamoured.

What are your upcoming projects?

I am working on a Malayalam webseries, which will be streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, and a Hindi film that is expected to release on Netflix. I am unable to provide additional details at this time because the producers have not yet made an official announcement. Even though I am hearing scripts too, I would only select one if it presented a strong chance for me to make progress as an actor. I want to act in a variety of roles, grow as an artist, and refuse to be classified into any particular genre.

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