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Nindha actor Varun Sandesh Interview - My new and intense avatar will shock you

Nindha features Varun Sandesh in a lead role. The suspense thriller has been directed by Rajesh Jagannadham and will release in theaters on June 21, 2024. 

Nindha actor Varun Sandesh Interview - My new and intense avatar will shock you

Varun Sandesh on Nindha

Last Updated: 06.24 PM, Jun 18, 2024


Varun Sandesh was once a heartthrob of millions in Telugu states. But a bad spate of films pinned him back in his career. He is now ready with a suspense thriller titled Nindha. Varun speaks to us about the film, his dark role, injuring himself on the sets, future projects, and making a comeback after a long gap. Here is the transcript.

The makers of Pushpa are releasing Nindha in Telangana, how do you feel?

Rajesh Jagannadham has directed and produced Nindha on his own. One of his friends is releasing the film in the US. As he is close to the Mythri camp, he showed the film, and they loved it. That is how Mythri Movie Makers have come forward to release the film in Telangana. This is something huge for me as they have all the backing, theaters, and resources to give Nindha a wide release, and what else can I ask for.

Varun Sandesh in Nindha
Varun Sandesh in Nindha

Why have you become so selective in doing films?

After some of my films flopped one after the other, I realized where the mistake was. I felt choosing the wrong script itself was a huge mistake. So, I took a break, went back to the US, and waited for the right opportunity. This is when Rajesh came to me and narrated the script. The moment I heard the story, I felt Nindha would bring me back into the game, as it has so much scope for me to perform.

What is so special about Nindha?

Nindha is a dark thriller and will showcase me in a completely new avatar. It is a screenplay-based film, and it will be very hard to guess what is going to happen next. While I was listening to the script, I was confused about who the main villain was or what the major twist in the film was. Such is the specialty of the script. The scenes and the manner in which it is narrated in a linear screenplay are some of the highlights.

How did you go about your role in the film?

I am playing a very unique role and as the title suggests, I am wrongly booked in a case and investigate it myself. There is another angle to the whole story, and that will be revealed only when you watch the film. Personally, I have never played such a role in any of my films to date. It is completely different from what I am as a person. You will be shocked to see me in a new and dark role.

Nindha poster
Nindha poster

Was it difficult to work with a newcomer?

Not at all. As Rajesh was himself producing and directing the film, I was so happy. This is not the first time I am working with a newcomer. Rajesh is very clear with his conviction. He did not narrate the entire story to any of the main artists and kept everyone in suspense to maintain the curiosity levels. Also, Rajesh has extracted superb performances from all the actors.

Any special memories while shooting the film?

Yes, there are many. I injured my leg while shooting this film and was out of action for a while. But as things were getting delayed, I went ahead and shot action sequences with a lot of pain. Everything that I did for the film is special, and it is worth the hard work as I am super confident about the film and its outcome.


Future Projects?

Once Nindha releases, yet another different film of mine is getting ready to be released in August 2024. Apart from these two films, I am shooting for a film titled Constable, which will showcase me in a completely new avatar. For now, my entire focus is on the promotions of Nindha.

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