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OTTplay Exclusive! Harman Singha: Rannvijay was a pioneer for our family to enter B-Town

Harman Singha interacted with OTTplay exclusively for his web series Potluck.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 11, 2021
cover image
Harman Singha.

Rannvijay Singha's younger brother Harman is currently in news because of his web series Potluck. The actor plays the role of Dhruv on the web show. Having made his OTT debut with Rannvijay, Harman had nothing but praises for his bade bhaiya.

Talking to OTTplay exclusively, the actor spoke about his merchant navy background and leaving it for acting, all thanks to Rannvijay. He spoke about working off-the-camera and how the Singha family totally connected with the Shastri family of Potluck.

Excerpts from the interview...

Potluck is indeed a big opportunity for you since it comes on one of India's biggest and most viewed platforms. How did the project come along?

Potluck is a role I had been waiting for a long time. I have been acting for a few years. I was a writer before this. I knew one of the producers. I was the first one who got cast as Dhruv. They felt that I'm like Dhruv in real-life too. There is a word 'Relu Katta' in Punjabi. It is a term given to people who fit anywhere (original meaning: a team player). I am like that.

Harman Singha.

Being a writer, do you constantly work with other writers of a show you act in, to build your character?

That depends, actually. I was never asked to back down with Potluck. The makers would hear what I have to offer and then take a call. That is a nice situation to work in.

It is not your debut in web shows though. Since you have seen the digital space for some time now, what would you say is the beauty of this medium?

I'm one of the few people who have been there before the OTT boom. We used to go out on open roads, record a video and make our own web series. That is the freedom we still have. Only a few years back, people would prefer foreign shows over Indian ones but with OTT, we are all spoilt for choices. For me, I'm kind of finding my place in the system.

Your brother Rannvijay is a self-made youth icon. Is that the kind of audience you are looking for too?

I wish to but I haven't done anything in particular towards that. There's a balance at home. I look at the fictional part while bro can look at the non-fiction bit. We are both crossing our roads now. What he does as a contestant or host, that doesn't come to me naturally. Writing stories and working on fictional stories is my area. I work on a set like an AD.

However, non-fiction attracts people more than fiction in today's times...

That is true. I keep on doing certain non-fiction shows as well. I've been a part of a few Discovery+ shows. If I improve my dance, I could participate in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa or Khatron Ke Khiladi. Me and Rannvijay work together on this. He has asked me to learn filmmaking so I can add value to his life. In turn, because of him, my journey became easier. I am proud to be his brother.

Harman Singha.

Was it relatively easier for you to step into the industry because of your connection with Rannvijay?

I wouldn't say I'm still there yet. I'm doing my own things on YouTube, with Discovery and travel shows. I'm hoping to get more films after Potluck because now I'm ready for it.

You picked roles in web series and a movie called Mango too. What about TV? Did you maintain your distance from the medium because Rannvijay is famous there?

You mentioned it accurately. He is Rannvijay! What can I even do by entering his space? Honestly, I enjoy fiction. I like being on film sets and observing everything going on there.

You have been in the merchant navy. What made you take the major switch? Was it Rannvijay?

You are stealing words from my mouth. It's very obvious, actually. We didn't have any relatives in Mumbai and grew up in the merchant navy background. Rannvijay was our pioneer. Everybody born after him just wanted to follow his footsteps. A few of us are writing and in photography too. When I first came to Mumbai and visited him on sets at the age of 20, I realized that if not an actor, then I can at least work off camera.

Is the Singha family as crazy as the Shastri family?

I can't tell you how much my family is like the Shastri family! Jatin sir has a dialogue in the show, "Tu meri nahi sunta, main teri kyun sunu?" My dad laughed on hearing the dialogue and asked me if I gave the makers this dialogue. Co-incidentally, it was the writer's thought.

What's next for Harman?

I have done a mind-bending science short film. There is a series in which I play an air force pilot. They will also be released soon.

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