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Peddha Kapu-1 star Virat Karrna: Srikanth Addala asked me to tone down my energy on sets | Exclusive

The debutant discusses the backdrop of the action drama Peddha Kapu-1 and how Srikanth Addala widened his horizons as an actor

Peddha Kapu-1 star Virat Karrna: Srikanth Addala asked me to tone down my energy on sets | Exclusive
Virat Karrna

Last Updated: 02.43 PM, Sep 27, 2023


Peddha Kapu 1’s male lead Virat Karrna’s ambitions kept changing with time during his childhood. From aspiring to be a pilot and a cricketer later, he had several ideas but it was the madness for films that eventually stuck with him. He had spent a significant part of his formative years in a village and had assisted his uncle Miryala Ravinder Reddy with Jaya Janaki Nayaka’s production after college.

“While involving myself in production activities, I realised acting was my true strength and I had to something to further my ambitions,” Virat reminisces. “I got trained by Satyanand sir. Being an introvert, the stint was helpful for me to open up as a performer. He had advised me to be ready to perform any role and didn’t want me to limit my horizons.”


After experiencing what it means to be part of a film set, he and a bunch of friends came up with a show reel. “My uncle was visibly impressed and sensed I had a natural ease to perform action. When Srikanth Addala came to us, he narrated a love story and an action drama. We chose the latter, believing I would be able to adapt to the genre well.”

Being the excited first-time actor, he was all pumped up before he came to sets, ready to explode in front of the camera. “Srikanth sir asked me to relax and be at ease, reminding me that the role didn’t need extensive heroics. We went through a workshop along with the other actors. I and Pragati Srivastava shared good camaraderie and it helped us perform our scenes better.”

The story, based on true incidents, charts the rise of a youngster as a public leader in the early 80s when actor-politician NTR introduced many educated youngsters and first-timers into the political arena. The tale takes viewers through the many roadblocks that the protagonist needs to face in his village while growing in stature.

Virat insists that the film is not based on caste rivalries and is more about the power-struggle. “I have always treated everyone on merit, caste has no significance in my life. For us to progress as a society, we need to get past these barriers.”

On set, his main focus was to dive deep into the essence of the character. “Even with the slang, I only had to emulate my director. He kept telling me that regardless of where I go, I need to remember my roots, justifying why his Godavari slang is an integral part of his identity. He noticed I wanted to prove myself as an actor first and it motivated him to give his best.”

The action elements in the story are raw and realistic and the stunts had to be like a reaction and not forcibly heroic, Virat shares. “I was told by many to remain cautious while working with seasoned actors like Rao Ramesh, Tanikella Bharani, but they never treated me like a newcomer. My first scene with Anasuya is one of the film’s major highlights and will provide a big-screen high.”

From the stunt director Peter Heins to composer Mickey J Meyer to cinematographer Chota K Naidu, Peddha Kapu has a solid technical crew. “Of course, I was excited about the big names in the project but it also made me wary and more responsible. My uncle could’ve easily made a small film under Rs 10 crore and ensured easy recovery. He’s put big money into it because of the story.”

As an actor, Virat, a Prabhas fan, is quite satisfied with his performance in the film and is inching to work on its sequel this November. “I have a few checklists as an actor - to work on a love story, a family drama, an action entertainer but I’ll do any genre as long as it’s a good story.” Peddha Kapu - 1 will have an intriguing ending, the sequel will be grander in terms of emotion and canvas. 

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