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Pratik Gandhi recalls his only fear about Madgaon Express - 'The kind of humour that we want...' | Exclusive

OTTplay recently interviewed Pratik Gandhi on the success of his film, Madgaon Express. The actor recalled his only fear about the film when he heard its narration.

Pratik Gandhi recalls his only fear about Madgaon Express - 'The kind of humour that we want...' |  Exclusive
Pratik Gandhi. (Courtesy: Instagram/ Pratik Gandhi)

Last Updated: 03.23 PM, Apr 04, 2024


Pratik Gandhi is currently enjoying the positive feedback for his film, Madgaon Express. The actor attempted the comedy genre for the first time in Hindi cinema and it has proved fruitful for him. Pratik played one of the lead roles in the film, that of Pinku. He shared screen space with Avinash Tiwary and Divyenndu in the movie that is directed by Kunal Kemmu. After Madgaon Express' success, OTTplay interviewed Pratik, who revealed his only fear related to the movie.

Pratik Gandhi had THIS fear about Madgaon Express

OTTplay asked Pratik Gandhi if he had any apprehensions about doing Madgaon Express since Kunal Kemmu was directing a film for the first time. To this, the actor said, "I had no apprehension because I have worked with a lot of first-time directors. When Kunal started the narration, I was not sure how confident and clear he was. But as we reached halfway, I could understand his clarity with the whole script. Because he narrated the script to me in complete detail—every scene and all the edit points—everything was clear in his mind."

However, Pratik had one fear about Madgaon Express. Shedding light on the same, the actor added, "When I was hearing the first narration, my only fear was the kind of humour that we want to achieve is very risky because it might fall the other side. That was a little initial scepticism in my mind about (the film) whether it would land or not."

Pratik Gandhi on response to Madgaon Express

Pratik further revealed that the team of Madgaon Express was confident that the film would strike the right chord with the audience.

"We were hoping that this would land. With each day of the shoot, our confidence was doubling up. We were enjoying ourselves. All the jokes that we read and rehearsed multiple times were still making us laugh. So that gave us the confidence that it would surely take the audience (on a rollercoaster ride). I won't lie, we were hoping for this," said Pratik before signing off.

Produced by Excel Entertainment, Madgaon Express was released in cinemas on March 22, 2024.

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