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Raima Sen: The Last Hour was my first screen test in 22 years

Raima Sen also called herself a director's actor.

  • By Shaheen | OTTplay

Last Updated: 06.30 PM, May 17, 2021

Raima Sen: The Last Hour was my first screen test in 22 years

Popular Indian actress Raima Sen, who has been part of some brilliant films in the past, is now seen in the recently released web show, The Last Hour. The show, which talks about shamans, magic and death, saw her in a brief role of Nyima.

While talking to OTTplay exclusively, the actress had revealed that the show and especially, the director Amit Kumar, lured her towards giving her first ever screen test in 22 years of her career. Excerpts from the interview:

How did you bag The Last Hour?

The director Amit Kumar came to Calcutta and was screen-testing here. I got a call asking if I would come for a screen test and I said I’m not interested in tests. Then I was asked to meet the director, stating he would come over. When he came to my house and asked me to do a screen test, I said I’ve got a phobia against screen tests, but since I’m coming to Mumbai, I’ll do the screen test. He agreed, and I agreed because I had watched his movie, Monsoon Shootout. He later told me that he never believed I would come and do the screen test but I was very happy after that. When I got the confirmation call, I told him that it was the first screen test I gave in my life in the last 22 years.

Tell me about your character Nyima in The Last Hour.

I play a mysterious character. Each character has a story and backstory. My character is somewhat like ‘now you see her, now you don’t’ to add the intrigue element. As the story in the episodes unfold, you’ll get to know about her. I think that would be towards the end of the show.

How did you prepare for the character?

Normally, I never refer to other characters. I’m a director’s actress and I rely heavily on him/her. For me, the director is the captain of the ship and I believe in his vision. So he’ll tell me his vision and I try to bring in what I can to the table. However, I have never copied a character. You could watch someone for reference, but always bring your own contribution to the table so it looks natural. Everybody is unique, so there’s no need to copy that. So I rely on the director to talk to me about the character. I have functioned through readings with the directors.

Did you give Shaylee any tips on sets?

She doesn’t need any. She’s very confident on sets, and knows what she’s doing. Just the fact that she chose this to be her debut, I think Shaylee is very intelligent. I think the director trained her very well for the role, so she didn’t need any tips from me.

Your film Tarikh released on Hoichoi recently. Did you receive any new compliments which have stayed with you?

I got my first critics choice award in the Hyderabad Film Festival. I’ve also been nominated in many other film festivals so I’m very happy.

What are your other upcoming projects?

I’ve done a Tamil film with Vijay Anthony. I’m waiting for that. It would be my debut in Tamil. I’m still shooting for Mai, produced by Clean Slate Productions. It is likely to release on a giant OTT platform. I also have another original web show.