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Rajesh Jagannadham Interview - Varun Sandesh will make a solid comeback with Nindha

Nindha is Varun Sandesh's latest film that has been directed by debutante Rajesh Jangannatham.

Rajesh Jagannadham Interview - Varun Sandesh will make a solid comeback with Nindha

Nindha director Rajesh Jagannadham

Last Updated: 07.40 PM, Jun 19, 2024


Varun Sandesh is making a comeback with the film Nindha. The crime thriller has been directed by Rajesh Jagannadham, and we spoke to him about the film's story, casting Varun Sandesh, his background, and highlights of Nindha. Here is the transcript.

Varun Sandesh is going through a bad phase, what made you choose him for Nindha

Varun Sandesh is a very underrated actor and when I was penning the script, I felt he would be a perfect choice. Nindha is a perfect comeback film for Varun Sandesh, as the audience will see him in a completely new avatar in this crime thriller.

Is Nindha a horror thriller?

No. When the first look was out, everyone thought Nindha was a horror thriller, seeing the caption 'Kandrakota Mystery'. But the fact of the matter is that Nindha is not a horror thriller. It is a crime thriller which is based on some real-life incidents which have terrific thrills. The screenplay is going to be quite refreshing as I have tried a new pattern to narrate my story.

Varun Sandesh in Nindha
Varun Sandesh in Nindha

Why did you take the burden of producing the film yourself?

I took this script to many but was not able to find a producer. That was the time I decided to produce the film myself. I put all my hard-earned money into this film and brought my father on board as a line producer to take care of the expenses of making the film. Only during the making of the film, I understand how difficult it is to make a film in the first place.

What made you get into films?

I was born in Narsapuram and studied in Chennai. Then, I moved to the US for my post-graduation. Right from my childhood, I was interested in making films. I have also done a few filmmaking courses in the US. After making a few short films, I decided to take a leap and came back to India and here I am with my first film, Nindha.

Varun Sandesh's next film titled Nindha
Varun Sandesh's next film titled Nindha

Nindha looks technically slick. Tell us more about it?

All those who have seen the film are talking about the visuals and background score. A new cinematographer named Ramiz has shot the film, and he will be a name to reckon with in the days to come. Santhu Omkar, who assisted Vishal Chandrasekhar earlier, has composed the music and BGM, which is going to be the heart and soul of the film.

What should one expect from Nindha?

The Telugu audience always complains that films coming out from the Malayalam industry are hardly made in Telugu cinema. Nindha will be an answer to those questions. Right from the visuals to the performances, everything in Nindha is tightly packed and will hold your attention till the end.

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