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#RIPAindrilaSharma: Saurav Das: Sabyasachi said she would be there when I come back but she broke the promise

The actor – Sabyasachi Chowdhgury’s friend and business associate – talks exclusively to OTTplay from Thailand about how he is emotionally processing the death of the actress 

#RIPAindrilaSharma: Saurav Das: Sabyasachi said she would be there when I come back but she broke the promise
Aindrila Sharma and Saurav Das
  • Shamayita Chakraborty

Last Updated: 11.43 AM, Nov 20, 2022


Ever since Aindrila Sharma was rushed to the hospital on November 1, actor Saurav Das stayed with the family and her boyfriend Sabyasachi Chowdhury. After 14 days of spending sleepless nights at the hospital, Saurav had to go to Thailand to shoot Abar Bibaho Obhijaan with Anirban Bhattacharya, Rudranil Ghosh, and others. Aindrila succumbed to death before Saurav could wrap up his shooting and get back to the city. In an exclusive chat with OTTplay, an emotional Saurav talks about how he is consoling Sabyasachi – his best friend – and continuing with his chores. 

“Aindrila’s health started deteriorating drastically since the day I left Kolkata. Sabya (Sabyasachi) told me that she would be there when I get back to the city. But Mishti (Aindrila) broke the promise. She was in pain and she did not deserve this pain,” said an emotional Saurav. “I am worried about Sabya. He sounds strong right now. But I can imagine what must he be going through. He depends on me blindly and I could not be there at this hour. That’s my poor miserable luck,” the actor told us.

As per her family sources, Aindrila will be cremated at Keoratala Crematorium later in the evening after her body was taken to her Kolkata residence and Technician’s Studio. “I could not be there. Even if I fly from here now, everything will be over by the time I reach Kolkata,” said Saurav who is constantly in touch with Sabyasachi. “I am talking to him constantly. He is in a numb state of mind. I am talking to him as firmly as possible but we all know how we feel right now,” he said.  

Remembering Aindrila, he said, “We first worked together in a Zee Bangla Original film Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai. She was my heroine. We were not friends then. I worked with Sabya also. Much later, during the lockdown, we bonded over PUBG. Ever since we were inseparable. I found a friend-cum-brother in Sabya. They used to fight and Sabya used to call me. Mishti was slightly headstrong. I used to call her Lady Mantu. We used to joke that we would open 50 cafes over 50 years.”

Saurav will be back from shooting on November 22. Before leaving, he told us that he was preparing for the script at the hospital at night as he had no time. Every night until he left, Saurav used to stay awake with Sabya at the hospital. “I am finding it very difficult to focus and act now. I know people will be able to see me faltering. I am not a person who can compartmentalise grief and emotion and does their job. I bring my character home and on an occasion such as this, I take my grief to work,” he said.