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Soham Chakraborty: I and Srabanti have become more comfortable around each other

Soham Chakraborty and Srabanti Chatterjee's jodi is considered iconic in the Bengali film industry.

Jul 10, 2021
cover image
Soham Chakraborty in Dujone.

Soham Chakraborty is back. The actor-politician, who has cemented his position as a star, has collaborated with Srabanti Chatterjee for the fifth time in Dujone.

The actor spoke to OTTplay about working with her again, his approach to acting, balancing politics, family along with films, his future projects and much more.

Excerpts from the interview:

What made you say yes to Dujone?

The script and character. I wanted to play a double role and I thought this was a great opportunity for me. I was confident about the team and was convinced to go ahead.

Was it difficult to switch from one role to another?

Obviously, because I had to carry different personalities at the same time. I had to go through the script many times. It was a bit difficult but I managed it. People have appreciated my character.

One of the dual characters is morally corrupt and is certainly not someone you would want to deal with in real life. Did the role disturb you?

(Laughs) No. I’m an actor so I have to get through everything. I need to be like water. I’m usually keen to play such characters. Dujone gave me this platform. Amar is my favourite character because of his various shades. I would also love to thank my director who helped me in portraying the character. I enjoyed it.

You worked with Srabanti for the first time in a web series. How have you both evolved through time?

By the experiences we gathered! It’s through the different shades in our characters and the way we perform. This goes for every actor. We have passed loads of time and have gone through different characters, phases. We’ve collected many experiences even beyond the camera. These experiences helped me play Amar.

How has the dynamic between you and Srabanti evolved?

We’ve become much more comfortable. We know each other in the way that even without words, she would know what’s coming next. We had that experience and chemistry working together. It reflects even in Dujone.

A still from Dujone.

Did you take Amar back home?

(Giggles) I was Amar particularly in front of the camera. Otherwise, I was completely Soham.

Compared to your previous projects, would it be right to say that you find thrillers more exciting than rom-coms?

Yeah, thrillers are way more exciting than rom-coms. As an actor, I feel comfortable with a rom-com, but doing a thriller is a great experience. People should never get bored. As an actor, I never want to portray two similar characters.

Many male superstars have done rom-coms, especially during 2005-15, but you took up roles that were not romantic. Do you believe diversity is your USP?

Absolutely! An actor should always have diversity. You should always explore different shades of characters and thus, explore and express yourself. My repertoire will widen when I go through different characters and also help me prove myself as an actor.

Do you think it is important to glamourise a character? You have gone ahead with raw looks more or less through your career.

It depends on the script. I’m thankful to my scriptwriters, producers and directors for picking me for a realistic character. Being a hero, you have to prove yourself as a larger-than-life character. At the same time, being realistic and proving yourself as a hero is a tough balance to attain. When Amanush came at the beginning of my career, I thought about exploring myself as an actor. It was a very real character and thus, I wanted to play it more realistically. The audiences liked it and my scriptwriters, producers were convinced. So it worked well for me.

You could call OTTs the new theatre. Did web series demand changes to your approach towards acting?

It depends on the character and story. The platform isn’t really important in that. As an actor, you just look at your character and portray it accordingly. If Dujone were a movie and not a web show, I can assure you that my acting wouldn’t change. I would have stuck to the same approach.

How does it feel to be an MLA apart from being a bonafide star in Tollywood? Do you feel the pressure of being a role model for people?

It always feels good and is challenging. I've embarked on a new journey. I know my duties and responsibilities. I have the confidence to succeed in this path too.

How do you manage between movies, shows, being a politician and a family man?

It is not easy at all. I can work right now as an MLA because the shootings are halted. However, once shoots commence, I will have to wrap the projects but also be there for the people who voted for me. I could probably focus on 2-3 instead of 5 films a year.

What next after Dujone?

I’m planning a movie under my production house. Our film would have been released by now if not for the COVID-19 situation. Hopefully, we’ll launch the new project soon.

So, you will be acting in the projects too?

Yes, I’m acting in both of my projects. However, that does not mean that I will always act in the films I produce. I would approach my friends if I feel a character suits them more than me.

Are you planning to release these films on OTT?

No plans for that yet. Let’s wait and see.

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