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Kavin says he wants Star to do better than Dada, promises a surprise cameo | Interview

Actor Kavin opens up about his upcoming film Star, if he wants to be a good actor or star, what is cinema to him and more 

Kavin says he wants Star to do better than Dada, promises a surprise cameo | Interview

Last Updated: 10.57 AM, May 07, 2024


Basking under the stardust and much expectations of his upcoming next film is actor Kavin, who needs no introduction to Tamil households, thanks to his stints in Saravanan Meenatchi, Bigg Boss 3, and Kana Kaanum Kalangal. After solidifying a name for himself with last year’s success Dada, the young artist who rose to the rungs of fans’ hearts, is now set to be a Star.

With the film scheduled to release on May 10, Kavin humbly believes that Star is a much bigger movie than Dada in terms of scale and hopes that the film is showered with much more success than his earlier films. Even with his limited filmography, Kavin has excelled in showing his acting prowess, and inevitably the question arises if he wants to be known as a star or a good actor?

“I want to be a good actor and want to build a profile where people have faith that I can do any type of role. Ever since the serial times, my agenda has been only that. At the same time, I don’t want to risk my producers. They should become a commercial hit and by that, I mean how much ever the films can possibly resonate with the audience. This is all I want. Right now, I want Star to do better than Dada. I want my next film to be bigger than Star. That’s all I want.”

On Star


Speaking about his upcoming film, Kavin says, “Star is a story about a simple boy who has ambitions to make it big in cinema. There might be a question among many if this film will connect with the audience, given it is about cinema. But if you replace cinema with any other field of interest, this film will still hold true to its emotions. Films like Jersey, Mugavari also dealt with the same subject of aspirations, though the fields of passion might be different. I think Star will connect with people on this ground.”

In a lucky coincidence, as one might say, Star seems to mirror the life of Kavin, who has seen his fair share of struggles, before making it big as an actor. “Even when Elan narrated the film, I had resonated with some of the scenes that literally happened to me as well. I asked him if he enquired about me and changed the script, but he affirmed how the story has been the same since the time he first wrote,” the actor adds. Kavin also mentions that even besides the point, the story of Star still holds engaging and entertaining factor that will resonate with family audience. He also views that getting such a challenging role, even as it may have been a tried and tested template, but getting at such an early stage of his career still excites him.

On his position in Tamil cinema

With Tamil cinema operating on a tier-based system for its heroes, and asked if Kavin will take up the space of Sivakarthikeyan, given the uncanny resemblance of Kavin’s lady getup in Melody song to Sivakarthikeyan in Remo, Kavin answers, “Never. If the role was about disguising as a woman, I would not have done it. This is just a fun stint and a very small portion. To play a woman means I have to firmly believe in myself. I just want to explore many things at the same time, make sure the producers also benefit out of it commercially.” The actor, even as he mentions that audiences are the best judge to tell him how he has performed, is content with the positive response Star trailer has earned.

Reminiscing now, Kavin says how he looked up to the likes of Sivakarthikeyan and Vijay Sethupathi as examples of how even commoners can have aspirations to make it big and subsequently achieve it in cinema. “I am from Trichy, and seeing Siva anna felt like a representation. Meanwhile, seeing Sethu anna, it showed how age doesn’t matter until you keep trying and get it one day,” he adds.

Kavin spent 8-9 months of shooting for Star and calls it a demanding project. From showing stages from boyhood to manhood, the actor says that he had donned about 6-7 getups with varying weights and looks. He adds, “I thought the trailer itself revealed more, but the team said there is still more left to be shown in the film. There is a surprise cameo as well in the film which the audience will see it soon.”

On his acting

Speaking about how chooses scripts and taught to select them from the viewpoint of audience, Kavin says, “After the entertaining factor, if we could see ourselves in the story.” He is also conscious that when producers approach him to do a film, it is up to his responsibility to keep them marked safe. Kavin who also takes into account the logistics of the film, if the business of project is well beyond the safe figures, says that he cannot just operate as an actor and considers all the above also as part of his job. “End of the day, if a film wins, the team wins.”

Set against the movie backdrop, Kavin says that Star will address cinema beyond its glamourous appeal. “There are a lot of trials and tribulations that go behind making it big in cinema and we have addressed them in Star. We are not the ones to tell if they should come to the cinema or not, but the film will instil the hope that one should believe in themselves more. Star will do that.”

Concluding, Kavin has only thing in mind for his fans, the ability to gain trust that he will do a good job. “I firmly believe that I do a good job and fans will be able to resonate and enjoy my films,” Kavin signs off.

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