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Tripling 3 Exclusive! Neeraj Udhwani: We wanted to give the show a fresh perspective, thus the parents' separating

Tripling season 3 is currently streaming on Zee5.

Tripling 3 Exclusive! Neeraj Udhwani: We wanted to give the show a fresh perspective, thus the parents' separating
Neeraj Udhwani.

Last Updated: 06.12 PM, Nov 06, 2022


Tripling 3 is the most loved content out there currently. The web series has received love that no other has received since some time now. However, at the same time as love, it was criticized for not having the siblings’ trip. For the uninitiated, Tripling 3 is about the parents’ separation.

Neeraj Udhwani, who came on board to create the third season of the show, shares why it was this topic rather than the siblings’ trip that became the talking point. He analyses the difference between all the seasons and reasons if season three is a continuation or new story.

Excerpts from the interview…

Tripling 3 has received a lot of love from fans and critics alike. Everyone calls it the best thing out there. What does that feel like?

It feels amazing, obviously. Tripling is a successful franchise, right? With any successful franchise, the third season tends to flatten. This one has taken us by surprise and how! I was hoping it would do well because we know we made a good show but thinking that this would do so well and cross 5 crore viewing minutes and critics will love it - critical and audience feedback - it's very overwhelming.

5 crore plus viewing minutes is a benchmark. Were you sure that the show will work, given the current situation?

I was hopeful that the show will be liked. We made it with all our heart. When we held screenings for friends, we got a positive response and so, we knew we had a good show in our hands but there's so much content out there. Every day some show is dropping. That makes you question - will people be interested in watching Tripling 3. The show was also marketed so well that it was everywhere. Tripling has a loyal fanbase but has also brought new fans for the third season. That's how we managed the views. I'm really happy and thrilled that the show did so well.

While Tripling has been loved, at the same time a few have also complained about the missing feeling of a trip between the siblings. How do you view that?

The idea was to do something different with season 3. Sumeet Vyas and the writers of the show had this idea that they developed. When it came to me, the script was already written. I had liked that it was different from seasons one and two. If we repeated the concept from seasons one and two then it would be a very deja vu because people saw that for two seasons already.

Season three has its funny moments in episode one and two and there's added action from episode three. At least that's what the audience is telling us. I agree that it doesn't have the madness of season one but this time, we're offering something new to the audiences and thankfully, they've accepted it. It's not wacky but it's steady and solid. Things are much more deeper in season 3. That is something new.

The audiences never felt disconnected. They remained engaged all through the five episodes. All's well that ends well. I'm glad this is the story and approach we took.


The plot has gone a new direction this time. Was anybody sceptical about it on sets? How did you deal with that?

The script was written long before. The idea of the parents separating came from Sumeet and Arunabh.

Back in season one, the family was introduced. So, is season three in any way a continuation from there? Was that the thought process behind season three - about the family unfolding?

No. We saw season 3 as a completely fresh season. Yes, the characters are coming back from seasons one and two but they are meeting each other after a long time - after lockdown.

The characters are not those who keep in touch. They don't call up and ask how are you everyday. They are a different kind of family. So, as a director, seasons one and two are important in terms of the dynamics with each other but season 3 was completely fresh. We didn't have the baggages of the previous seasons and saw this one in a completely fresh manner.

Tripling has been a franchise that has always been loved. Since it was coming after such a huge gap now, was there added pressure to perform up to the mark? I also ask this because now OTT is at an all-time high so people consume a lot of content. At such a time, it becomes very important to keep them hooked to Indian content too.

I wouldn't call it pressure. When you do something, as a writer or director, you want maximum people to watch your work. We want to connect to the largest possible audience. We always hope that the loyal fanbase will come back to watch it and bring in newer audiences. As a writer, you want your work to be seen and liked by as many people as possible.

What's next for you?

I'm directing a feature film which will start by the end of the year. That is what I'm hoping will be my second release next year after Maska.

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