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10 Reasons why Ted Lasso season one was special

10 Reasons why Ted Lasso season one was special

  • Ryan Gomez

Last Updated: 05.14 AM, Jan 04, 2022


A surprise hit of 2020, which brought cheer and comfort during a global pandemic to many TV viewers, was the unusual tale of Ted Lasso. The second season is set to be released on July 23 this year. The TV show of the same name was initially a series of commercials for NBC Sports about the Premier League football in England. The commercials featured an American Football coach Ted Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis, who becomes the manager of a Premier League team. These extremely hilarious adverts became viral on social media and soon became a TV series as a result. Sudeikis returned as the lovable coach Lasso which earned him a Golden Globe for Best Actor.

A second season is coming out on Apple TV+ soon. So, here are 10 reasons why season one was special.

The culture shock

Ted Lasso and his assistant Coach Beard were overwhelmed at how the States and the country ‘across the pond’ were culturally distinct despite speaking the same language, in very different accents of course. In fact, the show hints at how the English accent is vastly different even inside various parts of the city of London.

Ted knows nothing about football

The whole plot hinges on the idea that Ted Lasso knows nothing about football, not even the rules. Of course, he is a relatively successful American football coach but the Premier League, as Lasso finds out the hard way, is a completely different beast.


Keeley is the glue that unites everyone

Keeley Jones, played by Juno Temple, a socialist, and a close associate of the team is the one that connects everyone in the story. The unapologetic Keeley is also the moral compass and confidant for several characters on the show.

Coach Beard is a silent genius

Coach Beard does not talk much, but the show suggests that there is plenty going on in his head. Despite not knowing much about football he makes it a point to do his research and help his friend and boss Ted Lasso steady the team through troubling times.


The notorious British press

The British press has a reputation of being notorious towards footballers and managers. Not even David Beckham has been spared in the past in the real world. Ted Lasso was unsurprisingly shredded to pieces by the media on his arrival for his first press conference for AFC Richmond.

Tea and sparkling water

Over the course of the season, Ted Lasso became accustomed to the British lifestyle, with the exception of tea and sparkling water. He was unable to wrap his head around how the English could drink tea when coffee is available - he even asked if tea was a prank. Sparkling water is something he could not get used to even in the very last scene of season one - accidentally drinking the fizzy water makes him spit it out like a reflex action.

Roy Kent is Roy Keane

The older, angry, no-nonsense, tough-tackling midfielder and captain of the fictional AFC Richmond is Roy Kent. Kent is the television reincarnation of the real-life former Manchester United and Republic of Ireland captain Roy Keane. Roy Keane himself has become a popular football pundit on Sky Sports.


Nate is living the dream

Nathan Shelly who is the kinsman of the team gets invited to be part of the team’s formation and tactics discussion. Nate is basically playing a real-life simulation of Football Manager or FIFA 21 Manager Mode with the team he supports.

Rebecca the singer

Hannah Waddingham’s character Rebecca Welton, the owner of AFC Richmond, showed that she has the potential for a career in the music industry as a solo artist evident from her karaoke performance at Merseyside. Her beautiful rendition of “Let it Go” left everyone speechless including the viewers of the show.

Ted is smarter than he looks

Despite his cheerful and carefree attitude, Ted Lasso is an intelligent man. The scene with Rupert Mannion showcases Lasso’s true potential. The fact that he adapted to the unrelenting and unforgiving world of the Premier League is a testament to his will and intellect.